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 starter activity
Read and listen to Alexei
Surkov’s ‘Song about Stalin’.
The image left shows a
popular postcard from the
1930s with the words of the
song written out in full. How
useful is this song in
understanding how
successful the Five-Year
Plans were?
На все века великими делами
Прославил Сталин наш родной народ.
Над миром реет ленинское знамя,
На путь борьбы и подвиги зовет.
At all times the great deeds
Glorified Stalin our native people.
Hovers over the world Leninist banner,
To fight and exploits calls.
Для нас открыты солнечные дали,
Горят огни победы над страной,
На радость нам живет товарищ Сталин Наш мудрый вождь, учитель дорогой.
We gave the sunny,
Fires burn victory over the country,
To the delight of our lives, Stalin Our wise leader, teacher dear.
В огне труда и в пламени сражений
Сердца героев Сталин закалил.
Как светлый луч, его могучий гений
Нам в коммунизм дорогу осветил.
In the fire of labor and fire fighting
Stalin hardened hearts of heroes.
As a light beam, his mighty genius
We lit the road to communism.
Мы строим счастье волей непреклонной,
Дорога на нам указана Вождем;
Подняв высоко красные знамена,
Мы в коммунизм за Сталиным идем.
We build happiness will inflexible,
Road to the Leader pointed out to us;
Rose high red flags
We're in for Stalin communism go.
 Key words:
Gosplan Command economy shock workers
Were the
Five-Year Plans any
more successful?
 Learning objectives
TBAT explain the reasons why Stalin
introduced further Five-Year Plans, the
methods used & evaluate their success
Soviet propaganda poster from 1936. The text reads, ‘Workers of all countries unite’. Based on this
poster and your own knowledge, what do you think would be the aims of the next Five-Year Plans?
Compare these aims with the original Five-Year Plan (1928-32)
Alexei Stakhanov, an
international celebrity, on
the front cover of ‘Time’
magazine in 1935.
Read about his life in Corin
& Fiehn, p.237 and note
down reasons why he
became so famous in
Russia and an important
ambassador for the Soviet
 How true were
You will be given a picture on
an electricity pylon. Work alone
and colour in as many of the
pylons as possible using at least
5 different colours for each
pylon in 3 minutes.
Work in table teams. Each table
team must colour in as many
pylons as possible in 3 minutes
using at least 5 different colours
for each pylon. The team that
finishes the most pylons is the
Work in table teams. You may
reorganise yourselves, but the
challenge is to beat the winning
total for the previous round.
Why do you think output
In your table, note down the successes & failures of the 2 nd & 3rd FiveYear Plans.  What does the opening of the Moscow Metro in 1935 tell
us about Stalin’s ambitions for Russia?
How much had Stalin achieved
by the end of the Third FiveYear Plan? Write a secret diary
entry for Stalin detailing the
His major achievements
His failings
The things he could still do for
His greatest fears in 1941
This house believes that Five-Year Plans were the best way to
industrialise Russia and prepare it from the threat of war with
 Essay
‘How successful were the Five-Year Plans in
transforming Russian industry in the years to
Tips on
tackling this