2 курс (9) – 110 группа (1 семестр) Сроки выполнения до 20.12.2014.

2 курс (9) – 110 группа
(1 семестр)
Сроки выполнения до 20.12.2014.
Самостоятельную работу отправить на электронную почту podtepina@mail.ru
Работу выполнил _________Ф.И.О.________________ группа _______________
I. Choose the right form of pronoun (Выберете подходящее по смыслу местоимение)
1. I
2. you
3. it
1. ... are a good friend.
2. ... is a table.
3. ... am a student.
4. ... is Mr. Robinson.
5. ... is a cat.
6. Are ... a student?
4. he
5. they
6. we
7. she
II.Fill in the gaps and put the verbs in the correct form (Present Simple) (Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в
нужную форму в простом настоящем времени) (Present Simple)
1.Most shops in Moscow (to close) at 6 p.m.
2.Water (to freeze) at 0 degree Celsius.
3.Olya always (to wear) expensive clothes.
4.My job is interesting. I always (to meet) interesting people.
5.We (to like) to eat sandwiches.
III.Make negative sentences (Сделайте предложения отрицательными)
1.Misha and Sasha (to have) dinner at 4 o’clock.
2.I never (to watch) television.
3.Sometimes my younger brother (to read) in bed.
IV.Make interrogative sentences (Сделайте предложения вопросительными)
1.My favourite sport is tennis.
2.My grandmother is a very kind person.
V. Choose there is or there are. (Выберите необходимую конструкцию: there is или there are).
1…. flowers and box of chocolates on the table.
a)there is
b)there are
2…. a telephone in this room.
a)there is
b)there are
3…. a key in the pocket.
a)there is
b)there are
4…. two balconies in my flat.
a)there is
b)there are
5…. a big sofa in the corner of the living room.
a)there is
b)there are
6…. many lamps in the kitchen.
a)there is
b)there are
VI.Make interrogative and negative sentences (Сделайте предложения вопросительными и отрицательными)
1.There are many animals in the zoo.
2.There are six tourists in this group.
3.There is a wall behind me.