Примерный тест по английскому языку

Примерный тест по английскому языку
при приеме в гимназию 2010-2011 учебный год для 4 класса
Read the text and write True or False
(прочитай текст, поставь (T), если предложение верное и (F), если предложение
Christopher Columbus set off from the south coast of Spain in 1492. He wanted to go to
India. But he didn’t find it. He went west and reached the Bahamas in America. Columbus
discovered the “New World”. He explored the coast and named some islands there.
Columbus met the people who already lived there and discovered potatoes and sweet corn.
And he saw some strange trees with big yellow fruit. They were cocoa trees.
1. Christopher Columbus discovered Spain in 1492.
2. He discovered the “New World” in 1592.
3. He went west to find India.
4. He reached Bahamas.
5. He saw some strange trees, they were potatoes.
6. He discovered sweet corn and cocoa.
I. Find the odd word (найди лишнее слово):
1. a. museum
b. sports centre c. hospital
d. ride
e. swimming pool
2. a. lawn
b. find
c. collect
d. hide
e. bring
3. a. rock
b. swamp
c. ugly
d. bridge
e. cave
4. a. pass the puck b. run
c. goalkeeper
d. play tennis
II. Tick the words which are spelled wrongly (отметь слова, которые написаны неправильно):
a. disapeared
b. wiked
c. prize
d. magazin
e. wizard
III. Choose the correct translation of the sentence (выбери правильный перевод предложения):
6. There are three towers in the castle.
a. Три башни в замке. b. В замке есть три башни.
c. В замке четыре башни.
7. Did you play basketball yesterday?
a. Ты вчера играл в баскетбол? b. Когда ты играл в баскетбол? c. Ты вчера играл в баскетбол.
8. I’m looking for pen pals.
a. Я ищу друзей по переписке.
b. Я ищу друзей.
c. Я ищу друга по переписке.
9. What did you see?
a. Что ты видишь?
b. Что ты видел?
c. Что вы видите?
10. Why don’t we play outside?
a. Давай поиграем.
b. Почему бы не поиграть на улице?
c. Давай поиграем в доме.
IV. Fill in the gap with the correct verb (заполни пропуск подходящим глаголом):
11. Last summer I ____ to London.
a. went
b. go
c. goes
12. I ____ there by plane in June.
a. travel
b. travelled
c. travels
13 I ____ the river Thames, the Tower of London and Big Ben in June.
a. seen b. saw c. see
14. It ____ very interesting there.
a. were
b. am
c. was
15. I ____ my summer holidays very much last year.
a. liked
b. likes
c. like