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future simple

Future Simple
Упражнение 1. Вставьте пропущенные глаголы в предложения, используя Future Simple.
be come get like live look meet pass
1. Don't worry about the exam. I'm sure you’ll pass.
2. Why don't you try on this jacket? It ________________ nice on you.
3. You must meet George sometime. I think you ________________ him.
4. It's raining. Don't go out. You ________________ wet.
5. Do you think people ________________ longer in the future?
6. Goodbye. I hope we ________________ again soon.
7. I've invited Sue to the party, but I don't think she ________________.
8. When the new road is finished, my journey to work ________________ much shorter.
Упражнение 3. Какова будет жизнь через 100 лет? Составьте вопросы и дайте ответы на них.
1 children | go | to school in 100 years?
2 people | watch | more TV than they do now?
3 people | read | fewer books?
4 people | live | longer?
5 everyone | speak | the same language?
6 the world's climate | be | different?
7 life | be | better?
Упражнение 4. Прочитайте текст. Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в форме Future Simple.
I like to go to school. I have many good friends there. But I like Sundays more. Soon it ____ (1 be)
Sunday, and all our family _____ (2 be ) at home. I _____ (3 get up) at 9 o’clock, and then I_____ (4 do)
my morning exercises and have breakfast together with my parents. After breakfast I ____ (5 help) my
mother in the kitchen and my father ____ (6 go) shopping. Then we (7 go) for a I walk in the park or to
the cinema.
After dinner my friends ____ (8 come) to me, and we ____ (9 play) together at home or in the yard. In
the evening my mother ____ (10 knit), my father ____ (11 watch) a concert on TV and I ____ (12 listen)
to music or read a book. Unfortunately, next Sunday I ____ (not/have) a lot of fun because I (do) my
Дайте полные (!) ответы на вопросы:
1. Will all the family be at home on Sunday?
2. When will the boy get up?
3. What will he do in the morning?
4. What will he do after breakfast?
5. Who will come after dinner?
6. What will they do at home or in the yard?
7. What will they do in the evening?
8. What will the boy do next Sunday?