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My extreme experience

My extreme experience
Once we were on vacation in Turkey. We had a rest for 10 days and one day we decided to go on a small
excursion. As it turned out, great adventures were waiting for us.
And it all started with the fact that we were going by bus to the venue. It took us about an hour. The
first part of the trip was a buggy ride. We were given the necessary equipment - a helmet and glasses,
and we set off. I was driving, but nevertheless there were quite a lot of emotions. I remember how the
dust was flying and we were making our way through the mud on this small all-terrain vehicle. After
that, we had a snack and the second part of the hike began - kayaking on a mountain river. Dad and I
were alone in the boat. The river was quite fast and had many rapids. At first everything was fine, we
overcame the thresholds, we were all in the water, but it was still fun. At one point, another boat got
stuck on one of the rapids, the river was too narrow and we ran into it. But due to the strong current
after the collision, we turned over and fell into the water. Dad almost immediately swam out and got
into another boat, and I only a few seconds later, because there was a boat over my head. But still,
having lost an oar, we were able to continue rafting on our boat.
We then often recalled this story with a smile. As for me, it had been the most surprising thing that had
ever happened to me, and probably ever would.