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Solutionsu3 short test 1a

Unit 3 Short Test 1A
1 Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets.
1 It’s possible that scientists will find a cure for influenza one day. (may)
Scientists _______________________________________________ .
2 I doubt Tom will come to the cinema because he was ill yesterday. (probably)
Tom _______________________________________________ .
3 You’ll probably enjoy this film. (fairly sure)
I _______________________________________________ .
4 Maybe it won’t rain tomorrow. (might not)
It _______________________________________________ .
5 Andy probably won’t pass the exam. (doubt)
I _______________________________________________ .
Mark: ___ / 5
2 Complete the first conditional sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
1 Mum and Dad __________________ (worry) about us if we __________________ (not ring) them and say we’re going
to be late.
2 We __________________ (not play) computer games after lunch if Dad __________________ (need) to use this
3 People __________________ (may be) much healthier in the future if scientists __________________ (find) new ways
to keep our bodies young.
4 If we __________________ (not leave) home now, we __________________ (not arrive) in time to catch the bus.
5 If Robbie __________________ (want) to meet us this weekend, he __________________ (definitely / email) us.
Mark: ___ / 5
Solutions Third Edition Intermediate Tests
Unit 3 Short Test 1A
3 Match definitions 1−5 with words A−F. There is one extra word.
1 These organs help your body to get oxygen.
2 This organ pushes blood around your body.
3 These help you to move.
4 Your brain is inside this.
5 This part of your body is between your foot and your leg.
A skull
B ankle
C intestine
D heart
E muscles
F lungs
Mark: ___ / 5
4 Complete the sentences with the words below. There is one extra word.
1 The ball hit me in the face, and now I’ve got a __________________ eye.
2 Jack fell, landed on his left hand and __________________ his wrist.
3 Be careful − that’s very hot, so don’t touch it. You could __________________ yourself badly.
4 Your broken leg will hurt a lot, so I’ll give you some strong __________________ .
5 The doctor put a long, white __________________ around the injury on my leg.
Mark: ___ / 5
Total: ___ / 20
Solutions Third Edition Intermediate Tests
Unit 3 Short Test 1A