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Handout 3Week8

Task 3. Read the text and try to match the words related to career with their definitions.
A career in sales
When Carl left school, he took the first job he was offered – (1) in telesales. He thought (2)
telemarketing sounded quite glamorous but soon found that most of the people he phoned hated
(3)cold calling and put the phone down when he tried the (4)hard sell . However, he persevered and
found he became quite skilled at persuading customers to (5) part with their money. He then moved
into a job on a (6) TV shopping channel , where he specialised in selling (7)merchandise for the leisure
market. He did so well at this that he set up his own sportswear company and (8) hasn’t looked back
d) selling or marketing goods and services by phone
a) phoning people who have not requested a call in order to try to sell them something
c) attempt to sell something by being very forceful or Persuasive
b) spend money
e) a TV channel devoted to selling products
g) products that are bought and sold
f) has moved forward successfully