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Direct Persuasive Email Assignment (1)

To: Imani Johnson - ijohnson@sole.com
From: Danis Khizriev – daniswinner@arizona.edu
Date: 9/18/2022
Subject: Speaker Invitation
Dear Mr.Imani,
I’m reaching out to invite you as an expert speaker to one of our consulting club meetings. We share
experiences to help students of UofA find their pathway. Here are some insights about our club
members to help you prepare your speech.
We are:
-Excited to learn
-Skilled in listening
-Motivated to succeed
Please let me know your decision by the end of this week. You can contact me by email or phone.
Date&Time: Wednesday, September 28 at 6:00 p.m.
Location: McClelland Hall room 250.
Danis Khizriev