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Топ 100 идиом английского языка

Break the ice — растопить лед, сделать обстановку непринужденной.
Some light-hearted jokes will help you break the ice.
Read someone like a book — видеть насквозь, хорошо понимать когонибудь.
You can never fool my mom. She reads everyone like a book.
Let the cat out of the bag — раскрыть секрет.
I won’t tell you who my crush is. I am not letting the cat out of the bag!
Spill the tea — сплетничать.
We always spill the tea when we get together with friends.
Get on like a house on fire — отлично ладить друг с другом.
Jack and I get on like a house on fire and never argue.
Like cat and dog — не ладить, быть как кошка с собакой.
Those kids don't seem to get along. They are like cat and dog.
Have a soft spot for someone / something — питать слабость к кому-либо
/ чему-либо.
My grandma has a soft spot for her great-grandkids.
Go back a long way — знать кого-то давно.
Do you think she’ll really choose you over me? We go back a long way, way
longer than you do.
Be in with (неформальный стиль) — ладить с кем-то.
I am in with the HR manager so I think I can help you get the job.
10. Get off on the wrong foot with someone — плохо начать отношения с
Unfortunately, I got off on the wrong foot with my colleagues.
11. Keep someone at arm’s length — держать с кем-либо дистанцию.
I’m keeping her at arm’s length for the time being.
12. Rub someone up the wrong way — злить кого-либо, раздражать.
Why are you doing that? Do you want to rub me up the wrong way?
13. Be at loggerheads — быть в ссоре с кем-то / не соглашаться по какомуто поводу.
Jack and I are at loggerheads over the new policy.
14. Be on the same page — соглашаться, думать одинаково.
Let’s make sure we’re on the same page about our plans for
15. See eye to eye — сходиться во взглядах.
We don't exactly see eye to eye on this problem.
16. Sworn enemy — заклятый враг.
How could you invite Mark?! He’s my sworn enemy and you know
17. Be an item (неформальный стиль) — быть парочкой, встречаться.
I think you and Sarah would be a great item.
18. Fall head over heels in love (неформальный стиль) — очень сильно
влюбиться, влюбиться по уши.
Jack fell head over heels in love with you!
19. A match made in heaven — идеальная пара.
They seemed to be a match made in heaven but they ended up
breaking up.
20. Pop the question (неформальный стиль) — сделать предложение.
When are you gonna pop the question to Mary?
21. Tie the knot — пожениться / выйти замуж.
My parents tied the knot when they were in their early twenties.
22. Draw a blank — не получить ответа.
I always draw a blank when I ask my friends why they don't call me.
23. Kill two birds with one stone — убить двух зайцев одним выстрелом.
I like jogging on my treadmill. It helps me kill two birds with one stone
— exercise and watch a new episode of my favorite show.
24. By heart — наизусть.
You should learn this poem by heart and recite it for the next class.
25. Cut corners — 1) делать что-то легко и быстро 2) экономить, когда
делая что-то.
If we hadn't cut so many corners when planning our house, would have
turned out.
26. It’s not rocket science (неформальный стиль) — это очень просто /
это проще пареной репы.
Just google it. It's not rocket science.
27. Get the ball rolling — начать действовать.
It’s time to get the ball rolling on our new project.
28. Put something on the back burner (неформальный стиль общения)
— отложить что-либо до более позднего срока, до будущих времен.
Put that report on the back burner and help me.
29. Back to the drawing board — начинать все сначала.
I don't like how everything has turned out. I think we should go back to
the drawing board.
30. Back to square one — вернуться к началу чего-либо.
Now we’re back to square one.
31. Burn the midnight oil — засиживаться допоздна.
I always burn the midnight oil when preparing for exams.
32. Change of pace — разнообразие, что-то новое.
My life has gotten kinda boring. I want a change of pace.
33. Think outside the box — думать нестандартно.
How does one become more creative and start thinking outside the box?
34. Jump the gun — опередить события, начать что-либо раньше срока.
Next time, do more research instead of jumping the gun.
35. On one’s toes — начеку, наготове.
My boss is so unpredictable. You should always stay on your toes with
36. Raise / lower the bar — поднимать/планку, повышать/понижать
Don't you think your expectations are too high? Maybe you should lower
the bar a bit.
37. Hit the nail on the head — попасть прямо в точку, угадать.
That’s what I was thinking — you hit the nail on the head.
38. Cut to the chase — перейти к делу, к сути.
We’re out of time so cut to the chase.
39. Get your foot in the door — сделать первый шаг к достижению цели.
How do I get my foot in the door of the banking industry?
40. The bottom line — самое главное.
The bottom line is that we’re not going anywhere.
41. Call the shots — быть главным, отдавать команды.
If I am out of business, Mark will start calling the shots.
42. Slack off — разлениться, сбавить темп.
Kim, you seem to be slacking off. You need to get your act together.
43. Glass ceiling — барьер по продвижению на службе.
Minorities struggle a lot trying to break through a glass ceiling.
44. Small/fine print — мелкий шрифт.
You should pay attention to the fine print before signing a contract.
45. Crunch the numbers — проводить расчеты.
Let’s first crunch the numbers to see if we can afford it.
46. Off the top of one’s head (неформальный стиль общения) — первое,
что приходит в голову; не думая.
I can’t think of any places where he could go off the top of my head.
47. By the book — по правилам.
If you keep doing things not by the book, I'll have to fire you.
48. Ballpark figure (неформальный стиль общения) — приблизительная
I know you can't give an exact number now. A ballpark figure will do for
49. Helicopter view — общий вид, общий план.
Can you give me a helicopter view of what's going on?
50. Put / get one’s thinking cap on — глубоко задуматься.
It’s time we all put our thinking cap on and figure out what to do.
51. Back to basics — вернуться к истокам, к чему-то традиционному.
Going back to basics can actually help us manage everything better.
52. As easy as ABC — очень легко.
This math problem is as easy as ABC. What exactly don't you understand?
53. Copycat — подражатель, имитатор.
Most of my school friends are such copycats! They always steal my
makeup and outfit ideas.
54. Cover a lot of ground — охватывать большее количество работы /
If you start revising now, you’ll cover a lot of ground before the exam.
55. Eager beaver — трудолюбивый человек с энтузиазмом.
Keep on being such an eager beaver! Our company is proud to have such
a hardworking and enthusiastic worker.
56. To learn at the school of hard knocks — учиться на собственных
ошибках, через сложный опыт.
— Wow, you are such an old head on young shoulders.
— Yeah, unfortunately, I learned a lot at the school of hard knocks.
57. You can't teach an old dog new tricks (неформальный стиль общения)
— горбатого могила исправить (в старости поздно переучиваться).
No matter how hard my kids try I still prefer using my old flip phone
instead of these new smartphones. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!
58. The old school tie / old boy network — старые школьные связи, узы,
связывающие выпускников одного привилегированного учебного
If you are born into money and go into one of the Ivy League universities,
you don't need to worry about looking for a job. The old boy network will do
it for you.
59. An old head on young shoulders — умный не по годам.
I’ve always been an old head on young shoulders among my peers.
60. Crack a book — садиться за учебники.
Maybe it's time you crack a book? Finals are coming.
61. Fill in the blanks — заполнить пробелы.
Can you please quickly fill in the blanks for me about what happened
62. Learn one’s lesson — извлечь урок из какого-то неприятного опыта.
I did not study for the test and the teacher failed me. I learned my lesson
to study in advance.
63. Pass with flying colors — сдать на отлично.
I passed my final test with flying colors.
64. Hit the books (неформальный стиль) — засесть за учебники, начать
усердно заниматься.
I am going to hit the books tonight.
65. Have one’s nose in a book — увлечься книгой, читать с увлечением.
Lisa is such a bookworm. She always has her nose in a book whenever
she has some free time.
66. Teacher’s pet — учительский любимчик.
Jack is a teacher’s pet so that's why he always gets excellent grades.
67. Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth — родиться с серебряной
ложкой во рту, родиться в богатой семье, иметь привилегии.
Not all kids born with a silver spoon in their mouths grow up being
selfish and childish.
68. Born into money — родиться богатым.
I wish I was born into money, lived on the Upper East side, and went to
69. Bread and butter — основной доход, заработок, средства к
Teaching English is my bread and butter.
70. Break the bank — быть очень дорогим / разорить / ударить по
Our trip to Vegas won't break the bank, I promise.
71. Cheapskate — скряга.
Don’t be such a cheapskate! It’s Suzan’s birthday and we’re all chipping
in on her present.
72. Foot the bill — оплачивать счета, платить за что-либо.
My parents promised to foot my university bill if I graduate with honors.
73. From rags to riches — от бедности к богатству (похоже на русскую
поговорку из грязи в князи, но в английском у данной идиомы нет
отрицательного пренебрежительного значения).
Rags-to-riches stories are always a good marketing trick.
74. Live from hand to mouth — жить бедно, едва сводить концы с
I am a poor student and I am already living hand to mouth. What else do
you want from me?
75. Money doesn't grow on trees — деньги не растут на деревьях / на
улице не валяются.
Sarah, money doesn't grow on trees! We can’t buy you a new outfit every
76. Money talks — деньги решают все.
Do you know as they say? Money talks.
77. On the house — за счет заведения.
These drinks are on the house for such pretty girls.
78. Pick up the tab — оплатить чей-то счет, взять на себя расходы.
Every time we go to a restaurant with my friend one of us picks up
the whole tab.
79. Pour money down the drain — транжирить деньги.
Stop pouring our family money down the drain!
80. Save money for a rainy day — откладывать на черный день.
I’ve taught my kids to save money for a rainy day since they were
81. Be in the red — быть в долгах.
Our company has filed for bankruptcy because we’ve been in the
red for months.
82. Have butterflies in one’s stomach (неформальный стиль общения) —
сильно нервничать, волноваться.
I always get butterflies in my stomach when I need to perform in public.
83. Look on the bright side — искать положительные моменты.
Look on the bright side, now you have more free time to spend with your
84. Safe and sound — жив и здоров, в полной безопасности.
Don’t worry. I am home safe and sound.
85. On cloud nine (неформальный стиль общения) — на седьмом небе от
I've been on cloud nine since I learned that I am pregnant.
86. Give something a go — попробовать что-либо.
You should give dancing a go and maybe, you will like it.
87. Play safe — не рисковать.
Playing safe is not always the best idea.
88. Be in hot water — быть в беде, иметь неприятности.
You’ll be in hot water if you keep talking to me with such an attitude.
89. It’s the best thing since sliced bread — самая лучшая потрясающая вещь.
Getting my driver’s license is the best thing since sliced bread!
90. Take something with a pinch of salt — отнестись к чему-либо с
недоверием, с сомнением.
Take everything she says with a grain of salt.
91. Beat around the bush — ходить вокруг да около.
Stop beating around the bush and tell us what happened.
92. Whatever floats your boat (неформальный стиль) — как тебе угодно, как
I don't care what we’ll do. Whatever floats your boat!
93. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. — было бы желание, а возможность
Oh, admit it, you just don't wanna do it. Where there's a will, there's a way.
94. Big time(s) (неформальный стиль) — по-крупному.
This time I messed up big times!
95. Every cloud has a silver lining — нет худа без добра.
Don’t worry. Every cloud has a silver lining.
96. Feel in one’s bones — чувствовать нутром.
I know you're lying. I feel it in my bones.
97. Have a lot on one’s plate (неформальный стиль) — иметь
много дел, забот.
I’ve had a lot on my plate since I moved into a new house.
98. Get something off one’s chest — выговориться.
You can get everything off your chest if you share it with me.
99. Rock the boat — нарушать положение вещей, нарушать
I don't like rocking the boat at work so I just do what my boss
tells me.
100. Be in the dark — быть в неведении.
I am completely in the dark about what's going on.