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John Amos Comenius
John Amos Comenius is the great Czech humanist, teacher, writer, founder of didactics.
John Amos Comenius was born 28 March 1592 in the Uhersky Brod region. He was born
into a Protestant family of the Community of Czech Brothers. He studied at a fraternal Latin
school. He studied at the University of Heidelberg, then went to travel to Holland.
When he was back in the Czech Republic, he worked as a school teacher in Prierov, using
his new method of teaching Latin, described in the "Rules for Easier Grammar".
In 1616 he became a priest of the Community. He wrote the book "Great Didactics",
translated it into Latin, and also created the work "The Newest Method of Languages", in which
he developed the idea of folk languages.
Comenius developed a unified school system: a mother's school (upbringing in a family
under the guidance of a mother up to 6 years old), a native language school for children from 6
to 12 years old (studying geometry, geography, natural history, acquaintance with the most
important crafts), in large cities for the most capable students from 12 to 18 years old - Latin
school or gymnasium (in the curriculum of the gymnasium, Comenius introduced natural
science, history, geography, along with the traditional "seven free arts").
He worked in Hungary, restructuring school education.
When he was return to his homeland, his house was burned down and all his manuscripts
and books.
He died 15 November 1670 in Amsterdam and was interred in Naarden, the Netherlands.