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Polite phrases at work

Polite phrases at work
Polite words and politeness are an indicator of a person's moral peace and behavior.
Politeness supports our culture, brings people together and keeps them from feuding with each
other, and helps them live in difficult times. If a man uses polite words and observes the rules of
etiquette, he will show his inner world and will not be afraid to open up to a friend or refuse
another person. Politeness will make the world a much better place. It will be more pleasant to
communicate with people without hearing rudeness and ignorance in their words. If you refuse a
person politely, he will not be offended and will come back for help at another time. It is very easy
to become a cultured and interesting person. It is enough just to read books, studying the
vocabulary of the writer and the characters, and to know the elementary rules of politeness and
You should also remember that polite words help people to understand others and maintain good
relationships. At work, it is especially important to use them because they help to understand a
person's tone, mood and also help to build good relationships between employees. You should
always greet the staff, say thank you and please.
A career is not made by words, but by deeds, by hard daily work. But words have power too, and a
lot of it. If you say to the director, "I'm proud of you", the staff will feel a rush of energy and start
working harder.
Being able to say polite words is very important these days, because when people are burdened
with a lot of problems and negativity "magic words" are a ray of light in their lives. The art of
tactful, polite communication can be learned, because one is not born with this quality. It is an
indicator of the level of upbringing, a consequence of self-education. First of all, one has to learn
how to use words, inserting into a conversation appropriate lines, remarks. "Thank you!", "Accept
my thanks!", "Bless you!", "Good morning!", "Good night!", "Let me help you!" - a few polite
words accompanied by kind acts will make you a tactful person who knows the rules of etiquette
and is not oblivious to kindness and gentleness.
To show that you really are a polite person it is not necessary to invent abstruse statements: a
simple "Hello!" can lift the spirits of your best friend, occasional interlocutor or stranger several
times over. Amazingly, basic politeness changes people's lives: it takes on a better attitude and a
positive key.
Polite words help us to get mentally closer to our interlocutor. They help us earn the respect of
others or simply make someone feel good. The more often we use polite words, the more
intelligent, decent and intelligent we become. Polite words are not just established phraseology,
they are just ordinary words that can support and improve relationships at work.