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задания 1.)

1.Найдите в тексте прилагательное и образуйте соответствующее
Обратите внимание на исключения в их образовании.
Timmy is quite a shy boy. He is good at school and although he works hard at the
weekends he is never late on Mondays. Sometimes he worries about saving enough
money for his fees. Nevertheless he is full of plans for his new life at university.
Though he is quite sure that the start will be terrible for him, he thinks he will be
happy there eventually and have a fantastic time.
shy – shyly; good – well; hard – hard; late – late; enough – enough; full –
fully; new – newly; sure – surely; terrible – terribly; happy – happily;
fantastic – fantastically
данных предложениях содержатся фразовые глаголы. Выделите
связанные с глаголами предлоги.
a) 1.Thomas is looking for / after his keys again. He keeps losing them.
b) 2. Can’t we take apart / away something and eat at home tonight?
c) 3.Dad has just got at / down to doing the tax return. Don’t disturb him!
d) 4.Janie simply looked on / to when the boys got into a fight.
e) 5. They spent hours discussing about / (-) possible solutions.
f) 7.Why does he keep bringing about / up this issue?
g) 8.Somebody has broken in / into Janice’s new car and stolen her sunglasses.
h) 9.Nobody can tell the twins apart / off . They look completely alike.
i) 10.Have you put the good teacups back in / into the cupboard?
a) for b) away c) down to d) on e) (-) f) up g) into h) apart i) in