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Contract law

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Contract Law
Изучите тему «Договорное право» в Unit 10 «Contract Law» в учебнике
Ступниковой «Английский язык для юристов» на стр. 295-311 и
выполните следующие задания.
Файл (в названии файла прописать свою фамилию) с выполненными
заданиями прикрепите в папке «Contract Law для группы Шпак» в
команде Тимс.
1. Переведите письменно термины на русский язык
1. to enter into a contract – заключить договор
2. reasonable man – благоразумный человек
3. duress - давление
4. to be legally bound – быть обязанным по закону
5. mentally ill person – психически больной человек
6. valid contract - юридически действенный договор
7. to accept an offer – принять оферту
8. invitation to treat – приглашение сделать оферту
9. subject matter of the contract – предмет договора
10.fraud - мошенничество
11.contract of insurance – договор страхования
12.to comply with the law – соблюдать закон
13.to give false evidence in court – давать ложные свидетельские показания в
14.to reject an offer – отказаться принять оферту
15.reciprocal – взаимный
16.auction - аукцион
17.consideration – встречное удовлетворение
18.void contract – ничтожный договор
19.to be binding in law – иметь обязательную силу по закону
20.to be legally competent to do smth – иметь право сделать по закону чтолибо
2. Ответьте письменно на вопросы по тексту
1. What is a contract?
- A contract is an agreement which is made between two or more parties and
which is binding in law.
2. What elements must a contract include to be binding in law?
- In order to be binding in law the agreement must include a legally binding
offer which must be followed by an acceptance of that offer.
3. In what way must an offer be communicated?
- The offer must be communicated in a way that complies with the law
4. What is consideration?
- Consideration is something a person has given, or done, or agreed not to do
when making a contract.
5. In what forms can consideration be?
- Consideration is usually goods, money, services.
6. What can’t be consideration?
- Consideration cannot be an act or thing which is contrary to law
7. Can a person under 18 make a contract?
- To make a valid contract contractors must be legally competent. Under
English law, there are special rules of interpreting contracts if one of the
contractors is a company, rather than an individual, a person under 18, or a
mentally ill person or if one or more contractors made a mistake when
concluding a contract
8. Can people be forced to enter into contracts?
- Both parties must enter into a contract voluntarily. The contract signed under
duress is illegal.
9. What things are less than offer?
- He English system of law recognises some things as being less than offer.
These include advertisements in newspapers, goods offered for sale in a shop
window, goods offered at auctions, tenders since it is impossible to make a
contract with all the people who might be interested in getting them.
10. What does the law call them?
- The law calls them “an invitation to treat”
11. In what forms can most contracts be?
- Most contracts can be either written or oral. However, certain kinds of
contracts must be in writing to be enforceable in court of law.
12. What contracts must be in writing to be enforceable in court of law?
- These include contracts for the sale of land and real estate, contracts of
insurance and hire-purchase.
13. Into what contracts can’t businesses enter?
- In general, businesses are free to enter into whatever contracts they agree
between themselves. However, business contracts must not be contrary to case
law or to Acts of Parliament. If the contents of a contract, usually called the
terms and conditions, do not comply with the law, then the judge will probably
decide that the contract is void.