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Kolka Glacier

This glacier situated in the upper reaches of the Genaldon river valley of the Terek river basin of
the Greater Caucasus mountain system in the Genaldon gorge on the northern slope of the
Kazbek-Dzhimarai mountain range.
According to various sources, the length of the glacier is 3.2 - 8.4 kilometers, the area is 7.2
square kilometers.
After the avalanche in 2002, the glacier began to grow again. "The Kolka glacier began to grow
again, but now there is no danger of a repeated descent," - Boris Strotsenko, Head of the
Southern Regional Center for Monitoring and Forecasting Emergencies made such a conclusion.
In July 1902, as a result of the advancement of the glacier, 36 people died, about 1800 head of
livestock. Karmadon resort was filled up, many buildings were destroyed.
In 2002, the collapse of the Kolka glacier led to the death of 125 people, they included the crew
of the film "The Messenger" and the actor and director Sergei Bodrov Jr.