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входной тест 5 класс 1 вариантI

NAME:______________________________________________DATE: _________________
CLASS:___________________MARK:_________________TOTAL 44 points
Variant I
1. Read the sentences. Listen to the text. Choose FIVE true sentences and circle them. (5 points)
1) Nina is eight.
2) Nina has got a brother.
3) Nina's father's name is not Sergey.
4) Nina's father is not a vet.
5) Last weekend Nina's family went to the park.
6) Last weekend Nina's family drank tea in a cafe.
7) This weekend Nina is going to the History Museum.
8) Nina likes living in Moscow.
Vocabulary and Grammar
2. Circle the odd word. (3 points)
1. boot, dress, shoe, short, skirt, shirt ______________
2. worker, teacher, cook, cooker, doctor ___________
3. sunny, windy, rainy, winter, cloudy _____________
3. Read the text and complete it with the words. One word is extra. (5 points)
clever, loud, shy, strong, kind, tired
1. My brother is the best student in the class. He is very _______________ .
2. My father works 12 hours a day and often comes home very _______________ .
3. He never goes to the parties and often stays home because he is quiet _______________ .
4. This man has to carry big bags, fix cars and bikes. That's why he is very _______________
5. He often plays _______________ music and has problems with his neighbours.
4. Circle the correct answer (14 points).
1. He has got…ball. … ball is big.
a) a, the
b) ---, a
c) the, a
2. I ___________ seven colour pens and a pencil.
a) have got
b) has got
3. My sister_________ five interesting books.
a) have got
b) has got
4. There _______ some olive oil in the salad.
a) are
b) is
c) 5. There _______ a lot of cucumbers in the box.
a) are
b) is
c) 6. I _______ sing song.
a) can
b) must
c) may
7. We ________ get up early on Sunday.
a) can’t
b) mustn’t c) can
8. They _____________________boating right now.
a) are going b) go
c) goes
9. Kim __________________her dog for a walk twice a day.
a) is taking b) take
c) takes
10. There is _______________ sugar in the cake.
a) much
b) many
11. A dolphin is _______________ than a giraffe.
a) too clever b) the cleverest
c) cleverer
12. He is the _______________ student in our school. He always gets only good and excellent marks.
a) best
b) better
c) too good
13. Max and Maya _______________ at the zoo last Sunday.
a) went
b) go
c) are going
14. My father and I _______________ to Moscow next week.
a) go
b) will go
c) went
5. Make the questions to the words in italics (Задайте вопросы к выделенным словам) (3 points).
1. They made a cake yesterday. __________________________________________________
2. He’ll go to the park tomorrow. _________________________________________________
3. They are at school now. _______________________________________________________
6. Write the sentences in plurals (3 points).
1. That is a mouse. __________________________________________________________
2. This is an egg. ____________________________________________________________
3. The box is on the table. _____________________________________________________’
7. Read the text. Read the sentences. Write T (true), F (false), no info (no information). (7 points)
Last August Becky visited Aunt Agatha. She lives in a house on the beach. It was a beautiful
summer day. Becky built a very big sand castle that morning. Aunt Agatha took pictures of the castle to
send to Becky’s parents. Later that morning, Becky and Aunt Agatha went swimming in the ocean. It was
fun to jump with the waves. Then, they went to the house and ate sandwiches and strawberries for lunch.
Becky wanted to play on the beach that afternoon. Aunt Agatha told her it was too hot to go
outside without a hat on. Becky didn’t have a hat. Aunt Agatha told her not to worry, because Becky
could wear one of hers. Becky tried on four hats. The pink one was really pretty, but it was too big for
Becky. She did not like the green hat at all. The blue hat was nice, but it had a big flower on it. Becky did
not like it. Then, Becky saw a big brown hat with a yellow ribbon on it. That hat was made of straw. It
was a very good hat for the beach and Becky put it on.
1. Aunt Agatha's house is far from the ocean. _________
2. Becky's sand castle was big. ______
3. Becky and Aunt Agatha went swimming later that morning. ________________
4. It was boring for Becky to swim in the ocean. ______________
3. Becky had lunch at her aunt’s place. ________
4. Becky put on a yellow hat. ___________
5. Becky visits her aunt every summer. ________
8. Read the fragment of the letter. Answer the questions. Write names. (4 points)
……. Please, answer my questions. How old are you? Where are you from? What is your favourite
subject at school?
Moscow Russia
Dear _____,
Thank you for your letter. I want to answer your questions.
A ______________________________________________________________________________
C ______________________________________________________________________________
Write back soon.
Best wishes, __________
Критерии оценивания: оценка «5» (91%-100%) – 40 - 44 points
оценка «4» (70%-90%) – 31 - 39 points
оценка «3» (50%-69%) – 22 - 30 points
оценка «2» ( менее 50%) – 0 – 21 points