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Зимняя вишня

Fire in the shopping and
entertainment complex "Winter
cherry" in the city of Kemerovo
On March 25, 2018, a fire broke out
in the Winter cherry shopping and
entertainment center. The fire raged over
a large area. The fire was assigned the
third difficulty level out of 5 possible.
• As a result of the fire, 60 people died, of
which 41 were children, and 72 people
were also injured.
• The cause of the fire was a short circuit in the lamps,
which was flooded with water.
The main reasons that led to the death of
such a large number of people are called:
• 1) Disabling the public warning
system in case of fire.
• 2) Strong smoke.
• 3) Rapid spread of fire.
• 4) Structural defects of the
• 5) The negligent attitude of the
management of the shopping
center to the rules of fire safety.
After a call came
to the Ministry of
Situations, fire
engines arrived at
the mall and tried
to contain and
extinguish the
On the fact of
the fire, the
Committee of
Russia opened a
criminal case
under three
articles of the
Criminal Code of
the Russian
Federation 109,
219 and 238.
After the fire in the Winter cherry
shopping and entertainment center, fire
safety inspections were carried out
throughout the Russian Federation.
In this case, no court
decision has been
made so far due to
the fact that the court
session was
repeatedly postponed