Загрузил Ilya Skripka


The article from 2020-11-26 by Bankier.pl examines the problem of rule of law
mechanism and veto over the EU budget. Furthermore, touches on the problem of
political confrontation between the EU member states, namely Hungary and Germany.
In text weighs the pros and cons of the rule of law and the veto over the EU budget. The
above text is an interview with a German journalist and Hungarian Prime Minister.
The first part of the article notes the fact that the issue of veto power for the EU budget
has reached its maximum level of escalation. It is also worth noting that the Hungarian
Prime Minister is quite radical on this issue in relation to German policy. In addition, to
explain the problem, the actions of Hungary and Germany are compared with trains
going into a collision.
Another dilemma faced by the interviewees is the question of political will and the extent
to which they respond to the policy of the German side. The author of the article notes
the words of the prime minister, where he compares his actions with a grenade, and
Germany policy with an atomic bomb. It also emphasizes the insufficiently strong
influence of one person to change the situation as a whole.
Moving on to the concluding part of the article, it should be noted that despite all the
criticality of the position of the Prime Minister, Hungary does not consider the scenario
of leaving the EU, but only seeks to resolve the current situation by legal means.
To summarize the author of an article on the problem between the rule of law and the
veto over the budget in the EU. The text contains the opinion of the Prime Minister on
this issue and his attitude to the current situation.