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Auto-Tune Pro AAX PC Read Me 9.1.0

Auto-Tune Pro AAX Native PC Notes
The Auto-Tune Pro installer will automatically install the plug-in in the correct location, and no
reboot of the computer will be necessary.
Auto-Tune Pro 9.1.0 now supports machine authorization using the Antares Central app, and
does not require an iLok dongle. Each license may be activated on up to two computers at a
If you’re updating from a previous version, which used iLok, you will need to re-authorize using
Antares Central.
For authorization instructions, please see the “Authorizing Auto-Tune Pro” document included
with the installer, or view video instructions h
​ ere​.
Pro Tools Compatibility
Auto-Tune Pro requires Pro Tools 11.3.1 or later.
Backwards Compatibility
Auto-Tune Pro 9.1.0 can load previously saved settings from Auto-Tune Pro 9.0.x and 8.1.x, but
not earlier versions of Auto-Tune.
Forwards Compatibility
Forwards compatibility from earlier versions is not supported. If you save a session with
version 9.1.0 you will not be able to load its settings with any previous version of Auto-Tune.
For this reason, we recommend NOT updating to this new version if you're in the middle of a
project or exchanging session files with others using earlier versions of Auto-Tune Pro.
Do not change these parameters during playback
Changing the following settings during playback will result in audio artifacts:
Low Latency (Settings Menu)
Hardware buffer size
For best performance, we recommend a hardware buffer size of 1024 samples when editing,
mixing, and performing time correction.
Modifier Keys
The following modifier keys are active in Auto-Tune Pro in Pro Tools:
Shift​ - Toggles Snap-To-Note state in Graph Mode. Toggles Momentary state in Auto Mode.
Option + Click on a control​ - Returns the parameter to its default value
Option​ - Enables horizontal movement of correction objects in Graph Mode
Delete​ - Deletes the most recent line segment when using the Line Tool
Top Row Number Keys (1-0)​ - Graph Mode function selection (QWERTY keys only)
Version history
Changes for version 9.1.0
● Switched to Antares Central for machine authorization, no dongle required
● Added Help button for quick access to user guide and support page
● Bug fixes and improved performance
Changes for version 9.0.1
● Bug fixes and improved performance.