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Modern life runs so
quickly that people often
don’t have enough time
to eat. And most certainly
they get little time for
cooking. Lots of people
think that fast food is the
best solution in this
situation. That’s why fastfood chains have become
so popular. They provide
simple menus, which
usually contain French
fries, hamburgers,
sandwiches, salads, milk
cocktails, brownies and
Perhaps the most
famous fast-food chain
is McDonalds. This
place is rather popular
among children and
grown-ups. People like
having food which is
cooked beforehand and
served quickly.
Firstly, ingredients that were processed, cooked and stored in a refrigerator have much
lower concentration of useful substances (vitamins and minerals) than in fresh food.
Moreover, nutritional supplements can damage a stomach. Synthetic preservation agents
can lead to nephrolithiasis, intestinal and blood pressure disorders, and allergic reactions.
Such a common preservative as E 211 destroys the liver, disrupts the nervous system, and
in combination with vitamin C causes cancer.
Secondly, bread, meat and fat are a hazardous combination. The indigestion system
works hard to comsume proteins, carbohydrates and fats at the same time. All that is
accompanied by such symptoms as heaviness in the stomach and intensive intestinal
Thirdly, inappropriate storage conditions or violation of sanitary norms may also lead to
poisoning with headache and nausea. In some cases, it may result in the necessity of
medical treatment. Clients are not capable to control such issues as breakage of the
refrigerator, contact of the food with insects and inappropriate hygiene of the personnel.
Despite its harmfulness, fast food has
advantages. The main one is the speed of
preparation. The frantic pace of life and lack
of time makes you cherish every minute. In
order to have a snack is not necessary to
engage in cooking - just visit one of the fast
food chains. A large selection of dishes will
satisfy your hunger and get pleasure from
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