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Итоговая контрольная работа 6 класс

Итоговая контрольная работа
по английскому языку
учени ____6 класса
1. Прочитайте текст об увлечениях в Британии и Америке. Выберите
правильный вариант ответа А, В или С.
The most popular sport in Britain is football. Every large city has its own professional
football team. Rugby is a fast, rough sport that is also very popular in Britain. The English
play both rugby and football in the winter. In the summer they enjoy playing cricket.
British children are encouraged to take up a sport or a hobby in their free time. Popular
indoor activities include collecting things such as model cars, coins, stamps or stickers of
football players or pop stars. Other pastimes include birdwatching and train spotting.
Popular free-time activities for many British people are going to the cinema, theatre or a
restaurant or watching TV or playing computer games.
In the USA the most popular sports are American football and baseball. Americans play
football in the winter months. Families attend games together or watch national games on
TV. The annual championship called the “Superbow” is a national event. Baseball, on the
other hand, is a summer sport. It is also the national sport of America. American children
collect things like the British. Baseball cards are popular collector's items as comics.
Other popular free-time activities are the same as for Britain such as being a member of
a club or society, going to the cinema, eating out, visiting parks or museums, watching TV
and surfing the net.
1.Most British people like football.
1) True
2) False
3) Not said
2.Baseball is a winter sport.
1) True
2) False
3) Not said
3.Girls play American football.
1) True
2) False
3) Not said
4.Children collect things as a hobby.
1) True
2) False
3) Not said
5. Both British and American like having meal at a cafe or a restaurant.
1) True
2) False
3) Not said
2. Прочитайте текст и закончите предложения после него.
I’m Sally and I’m 12 years old. For me summer is the best season of the year. I have a lot of
good friends at school. So, when summer starts, I get lots of free time to spend with my
friends. We go to the park, ride our bikes and always eat a lot of ice cream. My parents love
to travel abroad while they are on holiday. So, we always go to some foreign country in
summer. As for me, I also like seeing new places and meeting new people. Last summer
was full of good things. In June my parents and I went to Italy for a week. The weather was
warm and sunny. And the nature in this country is beautiful. We swam a lot in the sea, we
sunbathed, then we went on some excursions to see the historic places around the country.
I met a nice girl from France there. We became friends. Now we write letters to each other.
I hope she will visit me here in Moscow next summer. When I came back from Italy, I went
to visit my grandparents. They live in a village which is not very far from Moscow. The air
there is always fresh and clean. At my grandparents’ I have some good old friends, so I
wasn’t bored there. I spent a lot of time outdoors. We played basketball, hide-and-seek, and
even went to pick mushrooms once. I should say that summer was great and the weather
was always wonderful! It’s a pity, that my favourite season ended so quickly.
1.In summer Sally prefers to spend time___________.
a) at school b) with her friends c) with her grandparents
2.When on holiday Sally’s parents___________.
a) like to go to the park b) prefer to live in another country c) enjoy travelling
3.In Italy Sally didn’t___________.
a) swim in the sea b) go to see the sights c) learn Italian
4.Sally and her friend from France___________.
a) are pen friends b) will go to Italy together c) spent some time in Moscow
5.Sally wasn’t bored at her grandparents’ because___________.
a) she played with her friends there b) her grandparents played with her c) she met new
friends there
6.Sally thinks that last summer___________.
a) was strange b) wasn’t long c) was too hot
3.Выбери и обведи лексически правильные варианты из данных в скобках.
1) It was dark in the park, Jerry could not see (anything/something).
2) These hills are not very (high/tall).
3) Rose says she has very (few/little) friends in her new school.
4) We never buy (many/much) food.
5) (Everybody/Everything) understands such things.
4. Используй соответствующие глагольные формы, чтобы заполнить пропуски в
предложениях Past Simple или Present Perfect.
1. I ___________________ (never/ be) to the USA. I ____________ (want) to go there last
summer but I couldn’t.
2. He _______________ (live) in this street all his life.
3. His father ________________ (come back) to London last Sunday.
4. Yan _________________ (write) a letter to Nick two days ago.
5. He _________________ (send) his letter yesterday.
6. They ______________________ (just/ buy) some postcards.
5. Вставьте в предложения подходящие по смыслу слова из рамочки.
back/ a trip/ during/ find/ resort/ diary/ terrible (2)/ sandcastles/ beach/ sand
1.Sochi is a famous ______________on the Black Sea. 2. It is not easy to ____________ a
room in a good hotel during the summer season. 3. We had ____________ weather when
we were in St. Petersburg. It rained a lot. 4. When do English pupils go ___ to school after
holidays? 5. I can’t walk. There is ____________ in my shoe. 6. Last June we made
___________ to Scotland. 7. I like playing volleyball on the _____________. 8. Please,
write in your ___________ everything you will find interesting. 9. _____________our
holidays we always travel a lot. 10. I Liked to make _________________ on the yellow
sandy beaches. 11. Polly hated her summer holidays. They were_____________.
6.В каждом случае обведи модальные глаголы или структуру, которые подходят
для той или иной ситуации.
1) If he comes, he (can/ will be able to) help us.
2) Greg is talking to the head teacher: (May/Can) I come in?
3) Greg is talking to his younger sister: (Can/May) you bring me an apple, please?
4) I (can/may) skate but not very well.
5) Penny tried to open the door. One, two, three… No away. But at last she (could/was able
to) do it.
7. Составьте предложения из данных слов.
1. play, games, with, friends, Sundays, we, on.
2. hiking, go, do, summer, they, every?
3. does, what, usually, he, in, do, evening, the?
4. never, we, food, eat, junk.
5. he, not, is, of, swimming, fond.
8. Составьте вопросы к подчеркнутым словам, начиная их словами в скобках.
1. My mother usually makes me breakfast in the morning. (When)
2. They live far from the park. (Where)
3. We have 5 lessons every day. (How many)
4. My grandmother usually makes a nice cake for my birthday. (Who)
5. Mike takes a bus to school because he lives far from school. (Why)
9. Напишите рассказ о своих летних каникулах. (10-12 предложений)
10. Подготовьте пересказ о любой известной вам достопримечательности
Лондона, Москвы или Санкт Петербурга.