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Павлов Семен Сергеевич ПИУ2 4. Computer attacks - problems and protection

Computer attacks - problems and protection
1. My biography
2. Introduction
3. Problems and risks of computer attacks
4. Problems of large companies
5. Problems and risks of computer attacks
6. Problems of large companies
7. Protection against computer attacks
8. Protection of individuals
9. The elimination of the consequences
10. Bibliography
My biography
Let me introduce myself. My full name is
Pavlov Semyon Sergeevich. I'm 18 years old. I
was born on December 6, 2002 in the city of
Kanash. It is a small town in the Chuvash
Republic. I grew up and studied in this city.
After school, I entered the Cheboksary
Cooperative Institute, where I am currently
studying. I have a small family, only 3 people:
mom, dad and me. we have a very close-knit
family. In my spare time, I like to read and write
• The 21st century can be called the age of computer technology. Due
to the rapid development of the digital industry, people have a lot of
new opportunities, and with them new problems. More and more
people are using Internet-connected objects: clocks, voice assistants,
lighting fixtures, or security devices... There are many of them, and
they are increasingly used in everyday life, both at home and in the
office of the company. But what is the degree of their vulnerability
and what risks do the owners of these objects bear?
Problems and risks of computer attacks
• Computer attacks are mainly designed to steal any valuable data or
stop the operation of websites or other important processes. All this
can develop into critical consequences. Most often, a person does not
know that he was hacked, so the risk of detecting any attacks is
• Most computers are attacked by viruses. If you carelessly use the
Internet, you can easily pick up a couple of viruses that can harm your
Problems of large companies
The main targets of cyber attacks are large companies.However, not only
medium and large corporations and individuals suffer from cyber attacks.
Small businesses are also susceptible to this type of crime. Due to the fact
that it can not afford reliable protection from hackers, this segment, like
individuals, becomes easy prey even for not very sophisticated
Of course, in such a situation, the key issue becomes the search for
solutions to prevent theft at the early stages of its preparation.
Unfortunately, it can be noted that the situation is disappointing: even the
most modern corporate security systems are not devoid of vulnerabilities,
and the vast majority of companies do not have a plan to respond to a
successful cyber attack.
Protection against computer attacks
• Protecting a network from computer attacks is a constant and nontrivial task; but a number of simple defenses will be able to stop most
attempts to enter the network. For example, a well configured
firewall and antivirus software installed on all workstations that will
be able to make it impossible for the majority of computer attacks.
• To protect against attacks in cyberspace, system administrators need
a thorough understanding of the methods used by attackers to break
into computers. You can't fight an enemy if you don't know how the
weapons they use work.
Protection of individuals
Individuals have limited opportunities to use system administrators for
protection. They need to protect themselves from viruses. The main
measures to prevent viruses are to avoid suspicious sites and limit
downloads of applications not from a secure site. It is also
recommended not to click on links sent by mail.
The elimination of the consequences
One way is to download an antivirus program, which in turn will help
you find and remove malware, as well as detect them in a timely
manner and block them so that they do not harm your computer.An
alternative option is to enable an antivirus in the browser,and block
malicious sites immediately, so that the virus does not get to the
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