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Гайд по Кайло

Do, or do not. There is no "try".
Star Killer Base
Do you think if it easy to be a boss? Explain your opinion.
to wipe out
to yell
catch up
to restore
to be shredded
more important, bigger, or more
serious than others of the same type
to destroy something completely or
cause something to be completely lost
spaceship’s stuff
to shout something or make a loud
noise, usually when you are angry, in
pain, or excited:
to pull and twist something suddenly
or violently away from its position
to try to reach the same standard,
stage, or level as others after you have
fallen behind them
right + ly
to return something or someone to an
earlier good condition or position
to put a new system of electric wires
into a building or machine
having strong, well-developed muscles
that can be seen through the skin, and
little body fat
to believe something to be true
because it is very likely, although you
are not certain
Try to guess
I'm looking forward to having some real talk with some real folks.
He was in the Storm Trooper program.
Hearing that Zach lost his son, really struck a nerve with me.
Oh no, he's choking on food.
I'm promoting you to Superior Officer.
Fill in the gaps
among , really, commander, out, follow, undercover
Each week, we ___________ the boss of a major organization as they go _________
to find out what's _________going on in their company. This is Undercover Boss:
Star Killer Base Kylo Ren is the _______________of the First Order. A massive
regime dedicated to wiping _______the Galactic Resistance. Kylo is going
undercover _____________Star Killer Base personnel as Matt, a radar technician.
1. Kylo had a new found respect for what his employees did._______
2. Tim said that Kylo’s light saber was awesome._______
3. They put hidden cameras in an employee common area, and no one had any idea
that "Matt" was their boss, Kylo Ren._________
4. Zach had a son. _________
5. Tim choked on food, when he saw Kylo’s light saber.__________
6. Ren promoted Matt to Superior Officer.______________
Change to reported speech
1. Zach said ;” He's trying to accomplish something that's never been done in the
history of the galaxy”.
2. The boss lady said : “I haven't had my muffin yet, Matt.”
3. Matt said: “You're starting to stress me out!”
4. The boss lady said : “All you got to do is rewire the calcinatory”.
1. What words do you use to describe Kylo’ character?
2. Was it usefull for him to be undercover? Explain your point of view.