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Великобритания Королевство Британии

If you look at the northern part of the world you can see group
of islands called the British
• На этих островах и расположилось Соединенное
Королевство Великобритании и Северной
Ирландии (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland).
The united kingdom includes
the republic of Ireland and
the united kingdom. The
island on twich the UK is
located accommodates three
countries Scotland
(Шотландию) Wales (Уэльс)
and the largest part of
England (Англия)
Over time, the union of Great Britain it is and remains a
parliamentary monarchy, which means that at the head of the
country, is the queen of king
King William
Queen Anna
King George I
From generation to generation, the British
throne was inherited by representatives of wellborn familie
King George II
King George IV
King George III
Alternate kings and queens.
King William
Queen Viktoria
King Edward VII
King George V
King Edward VIII
King George VI
And now 57 years old the UK is headed by
the current Queen-Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II was cowed in 1953 and rules to this
day. She is now 84 years old.
Prim and conservative UK carefully preserves its
Королева восседает на троне.
Носит императорскую корону,
которой короновались ее
Lives in a palace.
Rides a carriage.
The emblem of ruling monarch is the royal emblem of Great Britain
Львы в 1 и 4 полях
олицетворяют Англию,
лев во 2 – Шотландию
и Золотая арфа –
Britain’s motto is – «God and my right»
Есть у Британии и свой флаг, который называется
The flag symbolizes the union of
Different regions. A straight cross is
Called is the cross of St. George the
Patrons of England. White oblique cross is called the cross of St.
Andrew the symbol of Scotland. The patron saint of Wales is Saint
The flag was adopted in 1801
• Great Britain is a group of islands surrounded
from the north west by the Atlantic Ocean, the
North Sea to the east and the lrish to the west.
• This amount of water around has influenced the
climate and weather in the UK. The weather in
the UK is warm and humid. Winter temperature
does not fall below 5 degrees and in summer
does not rise above 16 degrees.
• Погода в Великобритании
чрезвычайно изменчивая.
• «Аs changeable as the
weather» - любимая
поговорка англичан.
• Вообще англичане обожают
говорить о погоде.
• «У нас есть три вида погоды когда дождь идет с утра,
когда дождь идет вечером и
когда дождь целый день» –
шутят англичане.
when it rains in the morning
when it rains in the afternoon
and when it rains all day along
However, the jokes don’t lie. For example, the
London fogs, which are so famous for the
capital of Britain, have already become world
London fogs are so
thick and dense that
sometimes hide
buildings and people
on the streets.
• It is no coincidence that the ancients called Britain
as Albion.
Albion – is the oldest name of the British isles..