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About Myself
Let me introduce myself. My name is ___________, my surname is ___________. I am __________ years
old. I am in the __________ form.
I live in a good _________ in ______________. I have got a ____________, _____________,
________________, ________________.
I am ___________. My hair is __________ and ___________. My eyes are __________ and _____________.
I have a ________________ nose.
I learn many interesting subjects at school. They are: ________________, ________________,
__________________, _________________.
I am fond of _______________. I like ______________________________
My hobby is ___________________. I _____________________________
I have got many friends. We walk, chat and __________________________
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My Family
I am going to give a talk about my family. Our family is large. It consists of four members. They are: my
father, my mother, two sisters and I.
My father`s name is _____________. He is ________________. He is a
________________________________________. He likes his work very much. He is ________. His hair is
___________ and _________. He has a __________ face. His eyes are _______ and _________.
My mother`s name is __________. She is _____________. She is a _________________________________.
She is a skilled ________________. _________________________ is a very nice young woman. She is
___________ and _____________. She has ___________________ eyes, a _______________ nose, her hair
is ____________ and ____________.
My middle-aged sister`s name is _____________. She is ________________. She is a pupil. _____________
is in the ___________ form. She studies well and has got many friends. My sister is fond of
________________. She
My kid sister`s name is ____________. She is ________________. She is small. She likes to _____________
and __________________. I help my mother with both sisters.
My name is ____________. I am _____________. I am ___________ and __________. My hair is
___________ and ____________. My eyes are _________ and __________. I am in the _________ form. My
favourite subjects at school are: _______________, _______________, ______________ and
________________. English is my hobby. I am fond of studying poems, singing songs, doing exercises,
counting in English and so on.
In the evening all members of our family like watching TV, play games and chat. Sometimes we go to my
______________ or ______________. When the weather is fine we like going for a walk. We are happy and
friendly family!
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My school
I study at school №_____. It is situated in the center of our district ________________my house. It takes me
_________________minutes to get there.
I go to school ________ times a week. We study different subjects:____________, _____________,
_______________, _______________, _______________, _______________, ________________,
_______________, ________________. ________________, ____________, ____________, _____________
are my favorite subjects. I make much progress in these subjects.
Our school has many classrooms, specialized rooms, laboratories and workshops. Specialized rooms are used
to study math, chemistry and other subjects. These rooms are equipped with corresponding teaching materials,
facilities and devices.
On the ground floor there is a cloakroom, a dining room, workshops, classrooms, accounting and a head
master's office. A library, a gymnasium, laboratories, other classrooms and hall there are on the second floor.
And on the third floor there are specialized rooms, laboratories, computer classes and classrooms.
Our school is located in a picturesque place. The park where different trees, bushes and flowers is not very far.
There is a playground and a stadium near the school.