Friday 27 January
I remember that day so that at four o'clock I had to visit an orthodontist. I am thinking that I was going
to a regular inspection. How wrong I was. First get here before the clinic took me an hour since I missed
the bus and went to the taxi and got stuck in traffic. After I came to the clinic. I was told that it would
take surgery to remove a wisdom tooth, and trimming bridle laser. I was warned before that we should
do it but I was not ready This is an hour I got nothing felt as it has operated a local of anesthesia. Closer
to the night I became more and more painful and harder. how to reduce the pain that I was told to drink
painkillers and eat ice cream. I also chose the second option because it does not taste better but
because it was necessary to painkillers to eat and could not hurt.
Saturday 28
I woke up about twelve seeing the horrified as all face has swelled up making a compress treating the
wound. went to eat but I have nothing except the liquid was not. so, all day I went to the floor hungry
Sunday 29
The pain subsided but I still do go a swollen face compress every two hours, and do not forget to handle
the wound. They laugh and talk hurt but there was the end of the day by a few all eased continuously
since clearly made a compress and wash all solution.
Monday 30
On the face of the order of the wound began to heal hurt but not so much when only laugh as well feel
not bad. a day spent at the university, and even ate a home like happened once came to cook the meat
on the Thai came out very tasty. ending with a late dinner started doing homework went to bed very
late so I do not get enough sleep
like this
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