Формирование духовно-нравственных ценностей учащихся при

Формирование духовно-нравственных
ценностей учащихся при обучении
различным видам речевой деятельности на
уроках английского языка.
 ,,Нет в мире ничего сложнее и богаче
человеческой личности. Ее всестороннее развитие
нравственное совершенство- цель воспитания.
Путь к достижению этой цели так же сложен, как и
сам человек”.
Сухомлинский В.А.
 Учитель английского языка И.Г. Прохорова; МБОУ лицей № 90.
A friend in need is a friend indeed
-How do you help your friends?
-How do your friends help you?
We should
stand by our friends,
share books with our friends
talk our problems through
-Choose a partner. Ask him 5 questions about the things
he likes.
Answer the questions.
Example:- What is your favourite colour?
- My favourite colour is red.
Talk about lessons animals food drinks, music, songs,
hobbies, games.
Does Your Friend Know You?
On a piece of paper write ten sentences about yourself. Five of them
should be true and five should be false.
Your age
your family
your hobbies
a problem you have
your favourite kind of music
countries you re visited
a book you re reading
your pets
your dreams
Give the piece of paper to the person sitting next to you.
Can (s) he telt which sentences are true and are false?
Fill in the blanks in the dialogue with the phrases from the
Can you help me, this Friday, don’t know,
Bye, I can, thanks a lot, after classes, come
 A: What are you doing _______
B: I ______ yet. Why do you ask’.
A: You see we are having a test on Monday . ___ with my English’.
B: Of course _____ When shall. I _____?
A: Can you meet me ______.
B: Ok two o cloak then. See you later, _____
A: Bye and _______
Use of English
Ermengarde 1 home for a few weeks
When she 2 back
she 3 Sarah for a day or two
When she 4 her in the corridor
she 5 say anything
she 6 what had happened
but she had never imagined Sarah
look so odd and poor almost like
a servant". How 7 you? "
Sarah replied "1 8 know"
"How 9 you? "
"Are you – are you very unhappy. "
Sara 10 that if any one
11 as stupid as that, one had better
get away from her.
2 come
3 not/see
4 see
5 not/can
6 know
7 be
8 not/know
9 be
10 feel
11 be
Use of English – 2.
"Ermengarde!" cried Sara. She was so surprise that she was almost
"You will ____ into trouble."
Ermengarde__________from her footstool. Her eyes and nose were
with crying.
"I know I shall – if I’m found out,” she said. "But I don’t care I don’t
care ______. Oh, Sara, please tell me. What is the matter? Why don’t
you like me
It was so simple – so like the old Ermengarde who had asked her to
be "best friends".
"I do like
, " Sara answered. "I thought – you see,
everything is different now. I thought you ."
Sara thought a moment . She saw she had made
 Fill in the mussing words.
Were different, a bit, you, frightened, a mistake, stood, any more, get.
Однажды девочка – a girl
С мячом играла – with a ball
А мимо мальчик шел – a boy
Сказал: ,,Давай играть с тобой “
Играть together – вместе
Гораздо интересней.
Настоящий друг - a true friend
Не оставит in trouble – в беде.
Он поможет тебе – He will help you.
Он поможет всегда и везде.
Мне купили телефон
I was bought a mobile phone.
Я хотел им похвастаться - boast
Но мой друг ничего не принес
Я подумал - He will be upset
У него телефона – то нет
Я ему предложу поиграть – to play
Потому что играть вдвоем веселей.
Спасибо за внимание
английского языка
МБОУ лицея № 90