Методическая разработка уроков английского языка

МОУ «Гимназия» г. Кириши Ленинградская область
урока английского
«Музыка вокруг нас»
9 класс
Учитель английского языка –
Цымлякова Любовь Владимировна
Цели и задачи:
1.Формирование лексических навыков говорения и чтения.
2. Закрепление информации об английской группе.
3. Знакомство с творчеством группы «Биттлз».
4. Развивать навыки и умения воспринимать речь на слух, с
целью извлечения конкретной информации.
5. Знакомство с материалами страноведческого характера
Оснащение урока:
Учебник 9 класса «English» под редакцией Кузовлева В. П. и
др, рабочая тетрадь, фотографии известных людей,
плакат с фотографией группы «Биттлз», музыкальное
оформление, аудиокассеты с разнообразным оформлением
вкладышей-обложек и CD.
The phonetic exercise
I like unusual tunes in music:
It’s amusing.
The music I hate is appalling:
It’s annoying.
- What is your favourite sort of music?
- What music irritates you?
- When and where do you listen to
- Do you like having background music
while you are working?
- Do you often buy records, cassettes,
compact disks?
The Beatles
On Wednesday 24th
October 1962,
“Love me do”
entered the British
Top Thirty. It was
a song of an
unknown group
from Liverpool. It
was the 1st of a
number of big hits
that would make
the group world
What group is this?
Read the text on page 50-51 and
be ready to answer the questions.
Where did the group come from?
How many members are there in this group?
What were their names?
What was the real name of Ringo Star?
What influenced their music at the beginning?
What melodies made the group popular?
When was the group on the top of the charts?
When did the group split up?
Who can retell the biography of this group in short?
“Love me do”
Answer the questions.
Did you like it?
What is the song about?
What can you tell about the melody? Is
it catchy, torchy, exciting, cheerful?
It’s a really beautiful melody. Let’s sing
this song together with the Beatles.
always you know me
please true
Love, love me do
You ___1___ I love you
I'll ___2___be true
So __3____, love me do
Whoa, love me do
Love, love me do
You know I love you
I'll always be true
So please, love me do
Whoa, love me do
Love, love me do
You know I love __4__
I'll always be __5___
So please, love __6__ do
Whoa, love me do
Love, love me do
You know I love you
I'll always be true
So please, love me do
Whoa, love me do
Let’s look through the tapemates
and CD covers.
lists of songs and songs themselves
names of groups, singers
photographs of singers from concerts
names of new and interesting
albums of different groups and
names of other collections from the
same series
creative pictures
masterpieces of famous artists of
ancient times
fairy-tale creatures
gratitudes and thanks
Home task
Ex.10 p. 53 – choose any pop-star you
like and design a tapemate,
ex 9 p 53 will help you.
What are your impressions of the lesson?
Did you like it? / What didn’t you like?
What was difficult?
What was especially interesting?
Whose work did you like best of all?