Margaret Thatcher

James Cook
natives – аборигены
circumnavigation – кругосветное путешествие
achievements – достижения
Antarctic Circle – Южный полярный круг
skirmishes – стычки
cabin boy – юнга
Seven Year War – Семилетняя война
Royal Navy – королевский флот
grocer – бакалейщик
was elected – была избрана
James was born on October 27, 1728 in the
village of Marton English county of Yorkshire.
At the age of 18, James became a cabin boy.
James Cook's first expedition was a trip from
London to Newcastle. In 1755 he began to
serve the Royal Navy and became a captain of
a private ship. He participated in the Seven
Years War.
Then Cook was appointed a captain of the
ship «Newfoundland». He married Elizabeth
The biggest achievements: Cook had three
circumnavigation, during which maps were refined .
The first expedition to Tahiti took place in 1768 and
lasted till 1771. Cook’s team had peaceful relationship
with the natives. Cook's second circumnavigation took
place from 1772 to 1775. In January 1773 the world's
first ship of James Cook crossed the Antarctic Circle.
Then, from 1776 to 1779 was the third travel of Cook.
They disсovered Christmas Island and Hawaii. The
attitude of Hawaiians to the sailors was hostile, and in
one of the skirmishes with them Cook was killed. This
happened in 1779.
In honor of the traveler the archipelago in the
Pacific Ocean was named.