Конспект открытого урока в 7а

1. Закрепить лексику по пройденным темам.
2. Практика видов речевой деятельности: аудирования, говорения.
3. Развивать умение использовать разнообразие путей общения: слово, язык мимики и
знаки , иероглифы,
спорт, танцы и песни.
4. Закрепить грамматические навыки по теме «Неправильные глаголы»;
5. Использовать прилагательные в инсценировке посредством языка мимики и жестов.
6, Использовать межпредметную связь в раскрытии темы урока.
1. Уметь выделять главное и детали из всего многообразия материала.
2. Учиться хорошему общению среди людей и доброму отношению к животным.
3. Уметь применять на практике полученные знания и оформлять проекты по теме.
4, Показать разнообразие путей общения в живой природе.
Материал урока:
1. Проекты, слайды, учебники, дополнительный материал: таблицы, вопросы.
2. Музыкальные инструменты: скрипка, гитара, кларнет.
1. Вступительное слово учителя.
Good morning, dear children.
We are protecting our projects today. The theme of them «Keep in touch».
There are 3 symbols of 3countries: France, Russia and England.
I’m French and English teacher. I often compare 3 languages at the lessons.There are common in some words. For example:
le village-the village, la riviere-the river, l’avenue- the avenue. So I keep in touch with 3 languages.
People and animals, birds and insects communicate. Body language, mobile phones,
Signs, hieroglyphs, music, songs, dances, sports are the way of communication.
2. The first project is «Body language». Андрей Ж., Наташа О.
3. The discussion.
4. 5 dialogues
5. Animals communication. Алина, Лера
6. Questions. Your opinions.
7. Mobile phones. Таня Г.
8. Discussion. Dialogue. Ульяна
9. Sings, hierogliphs. Вадим,Nikita
10. Questions.
11. Sport orientation. Катя
12. Irregular verbs.
13. Adjectives.
14. The dance and the song. 15. Заключительное слово учителя.
«Body language» often communicates what we want to say to people
before we open our mouths. It shows people what we feel and if we
want to communicate.
What is «body language»?
1. Friendly «body language» is a smile, a lot of eye contact, open
( your arms and legs uncrossed), a warm handshake.
2. Unfriendly-no smile, little eyes contact, closed your arms, legs,
posture leaning back, people think that you don’t feel like talking or you
are thinking about something important. Then they don’t come to talk
to you.
If you want to have a good conversation, you should learn to speak
good «body language». «Body language» is the way of communication.
The children communicate, they keep in touch in these pictures. If you
are in a foreign
country and you don’t know how to speak the language? You can speak
with your body! You can move your hands, arms. your shoulders. You
can rub your tummy and point to your mouth if you want to say that
you’re hungry.
1. What ways of communication do you know ?
2. What is body language in Russian?
3. What body language is good?bad?
4. Do you like bad body language?
-a. Yes, I do. -b. No, I don’t.
5. Have you got a mobile phone?
6. What’s your number phone?
7. Can you send SMS your friend
in Russian/ in English?
-c. Yes, I have. -d. No, I haven’t.
-e. Yes, I can. -f. No, I can’t.
The Ancient Egyptians wrote using little pictures and symbols which we
now call hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs signs were used in different ways.
Some signs were pictograms, some signs used as rebuses. And some signs
were used just for their sounds. Some of the hieroglyphs on this page made
sounds similar to the letters we use.
Like the Phoenicians, the Vikings were great travelers and trades. They
probably saw the Roman alphabet on their travels and invented the runic
alphabet to write inscriptions on monuments, weapons and jewelery.
– Look and match
1. No parking
2. No queuing
3. No crossing
4. No diving
5. No running fast
1. What clothes
with notices do you
In You are 70 years old
the class
You can’t swim
At the entrance
By the red light
On the roads
2. What notices
on the clothes
do you know?
1.Do you understand animal’s body language?
2.Can you talk to animals?
3.Do you understand signs?
4.Do you know codes?
5.Can you read hieroglyphs?
6.Have you got clothes with notices?
a. Yes, I do b. I can c. I have
d. No, I don’t e . I can’t f. I haven’t
Hello, friends!
I’m a reporter for the music magazine
«Sounds cool.»
-Can I ask you some questions?
1.-A., How important is music for you?
-I can’t live without music.
2.-B., What type of music do you like?
-I like pop music.
-You can quickly understand this music.
It’s simple as 5 fingers.
3.-C.,Do you like techno or rap?
-I like techno. It’s loud and energetic
4.-D.,Do you prefer classical or folk
-I like classical music. It calm me. It’s so
5.-Do you like rap?
-Yes. Rap has a rhythm.
It’s very rhythmical.
6. -Can you show us
what’s rap?
-Yes, I can.
-…….. is my name.
……….is my game.
……….is my land.
Is my favorite band.
There are many different ways in which
animals, birds, and insects can communicate.
No one surprised when cats meow and dogs bark.
How cats talk.
Often people think that animals like cats cannot
express themselves in a variety of ways. What
we hear from cats is just «meow». But cat language
actually has three different types of sounds:
purrs, vowels and high sounds.
The vowels sounds are stronger, with the mouth and
«mew wow».
These sounds mean that a cat wants you to do
something or is asking something. This is also how
cats show surprise and that they do not like
something.You can easily recognize your cat by his or
her «meow».
High strong sounds are used for cat-to-cat
The mouth is open wide and the sound is very strong.
Cats may growl or hiss, or give an angry wail. It is
not very pleasant when somebody communicates with you
like this.
Cats make soft sounds like a purr, when they say hello or
you, or when they want people to look at them. When cats
they don’t open their mouths.
There are many different ways in wich
animals, birds, insects can communicate.
Dolphins can produce sounds. Scientists
think they can tell each other about
danger. Some scientists believe that
dolphins have a language to communicate
wich each other.
Whales also produce sounds called
songs. No one knows why some
whales sing. Some scientists believe
that one day we will learn how to
communicate with these amazing
Animals do not have conversations like people.
They show what they want with their faces
and hands.
Chimpanzees show fear, anger and amusement in
nearly the same way as people.
Apes like gorillas, orangutans or chimpanzees also
signal to each other by the way they walk or
stand. Sometimes you can see the leader of group of
gorillas stand quite still, facing in a particular
direction. It means that he wants the group to move to
a new place.
The males of long-nosed monkeys make signals about
danger. Their long noses help to make loud sounds to
The male of apes, chimpanzees, gorillas shout loudly,
shake and throw branches, hit himself in the chest in
danger. Their children look one after another, play
together, lick wool, hold by the hands.
Penguins live big parties, but mothers recognize their children by their voice.
Cranes tap beaks, jump up and down, dance in the compound and beautiful
dance in the marriage period.
Great grouse singing, red head parrot attract a girlfriend with his beautiful
male peacock turns and dances to charm her with his wonderful tail.
Bees, who cannot make sounds or show anything with their hands, have a
secret language with they use to show other bees how to find food.They do
a «round dance».
1. Can animals communicate?
2. Which animals can tell others about danger?
3. Which animals can sing?
4. How do apes communicate?
5. What is the secret language of bees?
6. How does a male peacock attract a girl friend?
7. What do your pets do when they are happy?
Past simple
1. be
Past participle
2. become
4. beat
5. break
7. build
8. buy
9. fast
17. happy
25. low
10. bad
18. young
26. free
11. thin
19. busy
27. sad
4. fat
12. large
20. high
28. ugly
13. short
21. strong
29. old
6. hot
14. wet
30. little
7. tall
15. cold
23. dirty
31. weak
8. dry
16. neat
24. big
32. clean
Never let you go
Heavy clouds, no rain
And every move causes pain
Ready kiss, but no love
I feel I’m torn in half
Ardent look, but no heat
It’s not you really need
Baby, now it’s happened with us
We are dancing on broken glass
Can’t stand no more.
Never, never let you go
You are the one I’m searching for
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone
Love’s carving it in the stone
Never, never let you go.
Return the days we had before.
Soul of my soul, blood of my blood
Love’s carving it in my heart
Gentle words, no aim
It seems we’re playing a game
Easy smile, but no fun
Sweet music for no one
Close embrace, but no more
Cold Champagne we forgot to pour
Baby now it’s happened with us
We are dancing on broken glass
Can’t stand no more.
Pourquoi se tuer? Nous sommes equipage d’un
meme navire, habitants de la meme
planet. Nous devons etre solidaire.
Antoin de Saint-Exupery.
We are the crew of the same
ship, inhabitants of the same planet.
We must be solidary.
A. de Saint- Ex.
New millennium ENGLISH .7 КЛАСС
Энциклопедия «ЖИВОЙ МИР». РОСМЭН
English Together. Longman
Т. Клементьева. «Занимательные упражнения и
Символы стран, фотографии из интернета
Antoine de Saint- Exupery .«Terre des Hommes»
Проекты, песни, танцы, музыка учащихся 7а класса
Проект учителя Смирновой К. А.