Gioel is an Italian company, based in North Italy – Trento, which

Gioel is an Italian company, based in North Italy – Trento, which produces high
technology house cleaning systems. Gioel proposes an innovative technology: an air
cleaner that is a vacuum cleaner with the possibility of having a steam generator. Its
technology is protected by eleven patents; making G420air a unique product in the
vacuum cleaner market.
Gioel’s product is sold in two segments. The first one is a vacuum cleaner and steam
generators, which can be expanded by adding the steam generator. The steam generator
cannot be bought without the first segment.
The main features of Gioel’s innovation is to provide a vacuum cleaner that captures in
the water dust and other damaging elements for human lungs leaving the air completely
bacteria free.
To substitute the traditional mopping Gioel offers a steam generator that does not need
any kind of detergents to be effective. By using the steam generator people will not need
to wait until the floor dries. Thus the steam generator will reduce the time that persons
usually spend to clean their flats.
The retailer price in Italy is:
vacuum cleaner €1.500
vacuum cleaner plus the steam generator €2.600.
Gioel G420air is meant for those individuals that care about living a healthy life, and
that want to improve their well-beings.
Gioel is already present in many Europeans markets. Now, decided to expand to Russian
market as it is one the most promising ones. We are looking for a company, which will
take care of the distribution of Gioel’s product in Russia. Preferably in big cities like
Moscow, Sankt Petersburg.
The main characteristic of Gioel’s business model is direct selling. The cleaning system
must be presented in person to customers, in order for them to understand and
appreciate all the features of the product.
Thus, we are looking for a company which will become a Gioel’s partner for Russian
market and will manage the distribution channel and after-sales service.
Уникальный продукт на рынке товаров для дома, который позволит Вам
Пылесос с парогенератором Gioel, уникальный продукт на рынке,
Кого мы ждем ?
Компания Gioel (Италия), производитель высокотехнологичных систем для уборки
дома Gioel уже присутствует на многих европейских рынках. Наша цель сейчас - выход
на перспективный российский рынок.Мы ищем компании, которые готовы стать
официальными дистрибъюторами Gioel и заботиться о распространении продукции в
России. Предпочтительнее в крупных городах , таких как Москва , Санкт -Петербург.
Основной характеристикой бизнес-модели Gioel является прямых продаж . Система
очистки должны быть представлены лично клиентам , для того , чтобы они понять и
оценить все возможности продукта.
Таким образом, мы ищем компании, которая станет партнеромGioel для российского
рынка и будет управлять канал сбыта и послепродажное обслуживание