Открытый урок углубленного английского языка «Первый среди

Матвеенкова Т.П.
сош № 62
Открытый урок углубленного английского языка
в 8 «А» классе по теме:
«Первый среди лучших»
- 1Цель урока: приобщение к сокровищам мировой литературы
средствами английского языка.
Задачи: обобщить учебный материал о творчестве В Шекспира,
развивать устную речь, навыки чтения и аудирования, развивать эмоции,
творческие способности учащихся, повышать мотивацию, способствовать
развитию кругозора и духовного мира учащихся на примере творчества
лучших представителей мировой литературы.
Оснащение урока: портрет В.Шекспира, карта Великобритании,
тематические картинки, аудио и видеозаписи.
Ход урока:
Еnglish teacher: Dear pupils, stand up and welcome our guests. Sit down, please
and be ready to work. We are having many guests at the lesson, so be active and
show your best. Tell me please :Do you like to read? Who is your favourite writer?
Pupils: I like to read. My favourite writer is ….. .
English teacher: Very good! I also like to read. My favourite writer is ….
Just a moment. Let you guess who it is. He was born in England in the 16 th
century, but thanks to his books he is famous all over the world. Do you know
him? Yes, of course, it’s William Shakeapeare. By the way, do you know how his
surname is translated into Russian. (Потрясающий копьем). Answer me, please,
what associations come to your mind when I say- Shakespeare?
(заслушиваются ответы)
Excellent! But today we won’t only speak about his life and books but let us try
to prove that he is the first among the best. Do you agree? Now look at the
blackboard and repeat some new words after me (prove, masterpiece, contribution)
Now listen to the plan of the lesson. At first you will listen to the text about
William Shakespeare, then we shall check up your homework. We’ll listen to
Akbota Karibaeva and Shakespeare’s sonnets, then you will work with the text and
at the end of the lesson you will write a small test. Let’s begin. Be attentive, please.
( Учащиеся слушают видеозапись и отвечают на вопросы к тексту)
English teacher: Now it’s time to check up your homework – the poem of
W.Shakespeare “Age and Youth”.
( заслушиваются и комментируются ответы 3-4 учащихся)
- 2English teacher: Who is ready with the translation of the poem?
(заслушиваются и оцениваются ответы учеников)
English teacher: Now let’s listen to Karibaeva Akbota. She is working at the
project about W.Shakespeare, Pushkin and Abai. Her information is very
interesting and useful and it will help you to write the test.
(выступает Карибаева А. с отрывками из проекта)
English teacher: Now it’s time to have a rest. We have one more guest today, he is
young, clever and talented. Welcome Altynbek Shubanchaliev with Shakespeare’s
( Жубанчалиев А. исполняет под гитару сонеты Шекспира)
English teacher: And one more sonnet from Michael Tariverdiev, he wrote music
to many Shakespeare’s sonnets.
( отрывок из в/фильма «Адам женится на Еве»)
Do you like it? As for me, I really enjoy listening these songs. If we have enough
time we’;; watch some more. Now you will read the text about William
Shakespeare/ You have 3-4 minutes. Ready?
And now you will work in pairs. Your task is to analyze the text using five-lines
rhyme technology. You have two minutes.
(Уч-ся работают в парах)
Who wants to begin?
(Заслушиваются и комментируются ответы)
Now you will work write the test. Please, write down if the information is right or
English teacher: Well it’s time to discuss the problem of our lesson. Why do you
think W/Shakespeare is number one, the first among the best?
(Заслушиваются ответы)
English teacher: Well done, pupils. Tell me, please, what did we do today at the
-3(Заслушиваются ответы, выставляются и комментируются оценки)
English teacher: Our lesson is coming to its end. I advise you to read Shakespeare
in translation and in the original, enjoy it, because W. Shakespeare is great. It goes
without saying that he is really the first among the best.
Thank you for the lesson. You are free. Good-bye!