Российская академия образования Центр дистанционного

Российская академия образования
Центр дистанционного образования "Эйдос"
26 января 2012 года
Возрастная группа:5 классы:
Киселева Дарья, 5 «Б» класс, МОУ «СОШ №26 с углубленным изучением отдельных
предметов» г. Череповец
1. BZZZ, OUCH, HOHOHO, CLICK. Буквы – это таинственные знаки. С их помощью мы
передаем звуки. Для многих звуков и эмоций есть специальные обозначения, которые
удобно записать. Например, стук в русском языка принято обозначать тук-тук, а в
английском немного иначе - knock knock.
В каждой строке рифмовки внизу скрываются звуки, для которых нет известного всем
обозначения в английском языке. С помощью букв (буквосочетаний) английского
алфавита постарайся передать эти звуки или эмоции, которые ты испытываешь по этому
1. A broom sweeps: fute-fute
2. A lesson begins: tril la la lal, yak! tsock-tsock, Good morning, children.
3. You eat kiwi: hrum, hum-hum
4. Your mum turns on/off the TV: ppuk, now news from In…, ppuk , pif-paf, hands up, ppuk, La
La La, ppuk. Mum I want my dinner, please!
5. Cows graze in a valley: chaw, chow, Moo
6. You get up early: uaw
7. A little bear plays the piano: bu ba bu la li lo bo
8. You have a good idea: oh-ho-ho
2. BUS. Once there lived an old double-decker. It was red-colored (London buses were red since
old times). But then came new buses, and the old bus had to retire. How do you think, what
wishes will the old bus give to the novice?
Old bus: Hello!
Novice: …
Old bus: Not a word from him!
Novice: Sorry! I was listening to music. I didn’t hear you.
Old bus: All right! You are so young and already so rude. When I was a little bus I couldn’t
imagine such modern things as you have now!
Novice: Oh, I like my navigator and stereo very much.
Old bus: Listen to me. I want to give you some advice. Do you want to live long?
Novice: Of course! And I will. Because I’m perfect.
Old bus: Ha! That is what I thought when I was young.
Novice: Well, …
Old bus: Listen here, baby! First, be always red. If you are black or yellow, you will be just a
taxi, not a noble London bus.
Novice: Oh, you don’t say so! I was thinking about changing the colour to look more modern.
Red colour doesn’t suit my fashionable shape.
Old bus: No! Never! Second, keep the left side or you will be sent to the continent and you will
never come back home and see you relatives.
Novice: Oh dear! Anything else?
Old bus: And don’t forget about gasoline, or you risk to get stuck in the middle of the road and
every taxi will laugh at you.
Novice: Thank you. I promise everything will be OK. Come and see me some day.
Old bus: Good bye and good luck.
3. PINGU MAKES A BIG DIVE. Pingu is a young penguin. His world is the snowy, surprising
South Pole. Pingu has a playful nature, so he transforms even routine activities into an
Enjoy one of his daily experiences in this animation and translate any part of it from the Penguin
language into English. Write down the start and end time points of the chosen part and write the
replicas of the persons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICgGu3fQvoY&feature=related
0:10 – 1:03
Baby: Mum, Dad, Look, what a big basin of Coca-Cola!
Mum: What a silly boy! Hide me, please. I can’t listen to it. What a shame. Oh, nobody will see
me behind this icy stone. La,la la, I’m lucky, there is nobody around. Nobody heard it.
Dad: Dear baby, you are wrong. Take this thing and let’s come closer.
Mum: Look, he is going to jump!
Dad: He did it! He did it!
Baby: He has jumped into my Coca-Cola with his feet dirty.
Mum: Look baby, it’s blue. It’s not Coca-Cola.
Dad: It’s a lake. We’ll swim. Follow me.
Mum: Sorry, I can’t join you. I’ve left my bikini at home.
Dad: It’s Ok, dear. Join us.
3 penguins: Hey! What are you doing here in our Coca-Cola with your feet dirty!
4. THE NIGHT MEETING. Аt night you have the following dream: you are a witness of the
meeting of 2 languages: the English language and the Russian language. Draw a picture of their
meeting and explain it in English.
Once I had a dream. Look! Two languages have met. Letters “A”, “O”, “M” and “K” have
recognized each other at once. “A”s have fallen in love with each other at the first sight.
Watching a warm meeting of “M”s, “W” is angry. “Q” is crying, looking at happy “O”s. Russian
“B” and “Б” both want English “B”. Which one will win? “R” and “Я”, “N” and “И” are looking
at each other like at the mirror and wonder if they are similar. “F” is afraid of “Ф” and “Д” is
afraid of “D”. They can’t believe they have such a strange pair. English “H” and Russian “H” are
not sure if they have found each other correctly. Hey, anybody help them.
Well, what will happen when words meet?!