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Early Reading 13 - Hog and the Dog

Hog and the Dog
Early Reader No. 13
Story by Jennifer Cooper-Trent
Illustrations by Anthony Mitchell
© The Early Reading Company.
No part of this Publication can be reproduced without a license
Cut ‘n
Page 1a
Single Syllable Words
Phonic Decoding - Break the words into their phonic components, then into onsets
and Sounds, explaining how ‘dog’, ‘fog’ share a common Sound of ‘..og ’
Short Vowel : ‘o’ as in ‘dog’
Whole Words : ‘this’, ‘the’.
Try These New Words
bog dog fog hog
log went for the fell
Page 2
The hog.
Cut ‘n
Page 2a
The dog.
Page 3
The hog
and dog
went for
a jog.
Cut ‘n
The hog and dog
went for
a jog in
the fog.
Page 3a
Page 4
The hog and the
dog sat on a log.
Cut ‘n
Page 4a
The hog and the
dog fell in the bog.
Page 5
Dell got
the hog
and the
dog from the bog.
Cut ‘n
Page 5a
The hog and the
dog got wet
in the bog.
Page 6
Extra Words
sag bag tag nag
1. What are the animals in this story?
2. What type of exercise were they doing?
3. Where did they sit?
4. What happened to the hog and the dog?
5. Who got the hog and the dog out of the bog?
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or get the ‘hi-rez’ CD version with 60 stories, worksheets and more.
Educators : apply for a license to reproduce the stories for your students.
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Cut ‘n
Page 6a
Complete the sentences with these words.
bog, hog, wet, dog.
The ___ and ___ sat on a log.
The hog and dog got ___
in the ___.