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Сочинение-монолог по английскому языку "People I look up to"

People I look up to
Nowadays, having a person to look up to could be considered as one of our
fundamental needs. People have role models to live their life in a logical way to
achieve their short term and long-term goals, for establishing themselves as a
good role model and as a better person whom the next generation may follow,
learn from, and make their life more and more successful.
There are some traits most of us agree are admirable and great. Nevertheless, we
don't all have the same role models because we are different -- that's the thing
about looking up to someone. Everything depends on our personal goals and
Speaking for myself, I look up to people who have confidence that what they’re
doing is right. People of this type are honest but not blunt, determined but not
stubborn, economical but not tight-fisted, self-assured but not self-important,
inquiring but not inquisitive, assertive but not aggressive. I look up to people that
are trustworthy. They follow through with promises, their word is good, and I
think that's an incredibly admirable thing.
In addition, I respect people who choose simplicity over complication. I mean, so
much of what we do makes things more complicated than they has to be. It’s
much better when you're able to keep things easygoing and straightforward.
I also believe that the core of an admirable life is respect. When a person respects
themself and others, they behave in a way that sets a high standard. They do
things they can be proud of and inspire others to do the same.
I’d like to point out that a true role model has to love him/herself and care about
their(her/his) appearance. I look up to people who look smart and are always
well-dressed. The clothes that they put on have to be (clean and) ironed, their
hair have to be brushed.
I’d say that there are several people I look up to, who have certain great
personality traits, but there is also one person who combines all these positive
qualities. It’s my school literature teacher. She is almost perfect for me.
Well, It’s a woman in her early 50s. She has got short straight brown hair. She
always has a perfectly groomed hairstyle. She’s very smart and elegant. She is
always dressed up to the date and at the same time up to her age. She’s slim and
well-built, she attends aerobics classes, she cares about her skin and her health in
general. She looks much younger than she actually is. (It proves that she loves and
respects herself.)
She is very punctual. She never judges people, she is always respectful to
everyone, even to her juniors.
She’s a great teacher. She teaches with enthusiasm and humor and with such a
sense of caring. Although she teaches Russian and literature, she knows a lot
about computers. She is a very educated and intelligent woman. I remember
sitting in her class and thinking “One day I want to be that smart and know that
She inspires me to be more like her.
Having a person to look up to is extremely important to have a positive influence
on your outlook towards life. Your role model will be your motivation and it
doesn’t matter whether your role model is a writer, poet, scientist, politician,
sportsman or your parents. A role model in life also promotes us to lead the life in
the same standard as they do and will also push us to work harder for our aim and
become successful.