Загрузил Иван Ромашов

Over the last half century

Over the last half century, technology has greatly changed the lives of all
people. The most shocking of them in the future may be the cloning of people.
Some people claim that the cloning procedure has many advantages, but not
everyone agrees with that.
Cloning is a method of obtaining several identical organisms by asexual
reproduction. Nowadays, it is too early to talk about reproducing exact copies of
people. But cloning is not only necessary for this: for and against the continuation
of research in this area, many arguments can now be found. But do not forget that
this industry can give a lot of opportunities.
Cloning will help people suffering from genetic diseases. An indisputable
argument in favor of cloning is the emergence of the possibility of growing organs
for transplanting them into the body, which will allow to defeat a lot of diseases.
More than that, the development of cloning will enable childless people to have
their own children.
However, the process of cloning has several minuses.
Firstly, cloning can reduce genetic diversity, making us more vulnerable to
epidemics. Secondly, cloning would supposedly lead to the creation of very
unusual people, even monsters.
Moreover, the authorities of the world can create using the technology of
cloning a world apocalypse, overpopulation and other similar disasters. There is a
possibility that unprincipled dictators may try to perpetuate their power by creating
their own clone and transferring power to him when they die. There is also the
possibility that such people may try to create a huge army of thousands of clones.
In conclusion, I tend to think that cloning will only ruin our world. Cloning
experiments should be banned until people realize that this technology cannot be