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1 . My sister got some money, a mobile_________some clothes for Christmas.
2. Dad loves his car__________________it is fast _______comfortable.
3. __________we learn our lessons ,___________we do our exercises.
4. ______________________going to the cinema, we decided to stay ayt home.
5. My little sister is very nice_________________my little brother is very nasty !
6. I can’t go to work today ___________________I feel really ill________I’ll stay in bed.
7. _________he works a lot , he will pass his exam at the end of the year.
8. Igor was born in Moscow,_______he is Russian , ___________he lives in Paris now.
9. __________________he works very hard, he didn’t get a promotion.
10. ____________we can have a salad as a starter, __________some meat with
vegetables, _________ _________________ you can choose a desert.
11. We must hurry up __________________ the train is going to leave !
12. My mother likes gardening __________________she hates ironing .
13. I can help you with your homework _________you want,__________I won’t give you
the answers.
14.In New York, ___________we can visit The Empire State Building, ____________we
can go to Ground Zero ,______ __________________we can go to the Moma museum.
15. I have a lot of work to do ,___________I can’t go shopping now.
16. __________you eat too much, you are going to get fatter.
17. ________________I haven’t got much time, I can help you with the housework.
18. __________________buying your computer now, you should wait for the next sales.
19. _________Mike wants a scooter, some money ________a watch for his birthday.
20. I am not from this town, _____________I can’t tell you where the town hall is !
1 and
2 because ---and
3 first ----then
4 instead of
5 whereas /but
6 because --so
7 if
8 so ---------yet /however
10 First ---then----- and---finally
11 because
12 whereas/but
13 if ----but
14 First ---then----- and---finally
15 so
16 if
17 although
18 instead of
19 first ----and
20. So