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show me your room and i will tell you who you are
Примечание: he or she лучше не писать, а заменять на they
Everyone has a personal room, which can describe a person. Some people believe that a person's place plays an
essential part to play role. Plays an important role to understand in understanding his him or her, whereas
others claim this statement is completely wrong.
Personally, I support the point of view that a room can take give a lot of information about the owner. First and
foremost first of all, there are plenty of things many things which give an imagine некорректно так писать.
Give an idea of a person. For instance example, a little small things, such as books, posters or photos can
describe individual’s an individual’s, либо a person’s hobbies .What is more, being in someone’s room, he or
she possible to analyze whether the one lives here is rich or poor.не очень понятное предложение, да и к
тому же не говорят, он или она сможет проанализировать бедная или богатая чья-то жизнь.
Следует написать: what is more, the condition of the room shows a financial position of an owner или a
room condition allow you to analyze a financial position of an owner.For example, it shows a financial
position of a roomer.тогда это предложение будет уже не нужно.
Nevertheless however, opponents of this point of view argue that the room is not able to say nothing anything
about its keepers. According to their opinion, when when не нужно talking with to a roomer, a person can
figure sort out his or her feelings, emotions or problems.
However, I consider these arguments pales pale. Аргументы – 3 лицо мн.ч. in comparison with to my point
of view. To begin with, one has opportunities to understand people’s character due to the room. For example,
the interior describes whether a person is creative or not, and also orders in room give a chance to claim that he
or she is clean. And the order in the room makes it possible to assert that they are clean.
To sum up, I am firmly convinced that a private separate-отдельная room shows a person the personality.
For instance, I can talk tell. я могу сказать, а не рассказывать about my friends’ preferences, characters or
hobbies if I look at their rooms.