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Artificial Intelligence in Games

How Artificial
Intelligence Is Changing
The Gaming Industry
Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest
technology innovations that has occurred in recent
years. Artificial intelligence has had an effect on
everything from medical treatments to finance, and
the games industry has not gone unaffected.
Games are
Becoming Smarter
Artificial intelligence did not enter the games industry
quietly. It was previously believed that human intelligence
and intuition were needed to win a chess game, but in 2017
DeepMind’s program Alpha Zero proved this theory wrong.
Artificial intelligence is allowing game
developers to come up with innovative
techniques, such as reinforcement
learning. Artificial intelligence is allowing
games to respond to a player’s own
unique style to create a more rewarding
playing experience.
Artificial intelligence can help to reduce the
amount of time that has to be spent developing
games. This means that games will take less
money to make and take less time to hit the
Improved Gaming
Many online entertainment and gaming
sites are using artificial intelligence to
improve the player experience.
The level of artificial intelligence that is being used in the gaming
industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated. This means that
Increased Realism
it is possible for games to be developed with the use of 3D
effects and other visualization techniques. When these increased
graphics are combined with the use of artificial intelligence to
respond and adapt to a player's unique style, this will increase
possible levels of realism in gameplay.
Cloud-Based Gaming
Similar to movie streaming
services, the ability to stream
video games is becoming
more and more a reality, this
is leading the game
developers and players to
compete for gaming glory.
Voice RecognitionBased Games
Voice recognition in gaming can help control
the gaming gestures, monitor the controls, and
even side-line the role of a controller.
The Future of AI in
the Gaming Industry
Esports and MMO games are the obvious
future of the gaming industry, and Japan is
beginning to change its approach to these
genres to maintain its position as a gaming
How Artificial Intelligence
is changing the gaming indus
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