English test

TATU Samarqand filiali uchun “Xorijiy til” fanidan
1. The weather _____ beautiful today. But it _____ terrible yesterday.
A) is / were B) is / is C) was / was D) is / was
2. Where _____ on holidays?
A) you go B) do you go
C) do you going D) are you go
3. I _____ to work now. Good-bye!
A) go B) went C) am going D) goes
4. I _____ a book about astrology these days.
A) am reading B) read C) am reads D) reading
5. I _____ lots of books every year.
A) will read B) am reading
C) read D) am going to read
6. Nurses _____ after people in hospital.
A) looks B) is looking C) will look D) look
7. Annie _____ from Ireland.
A) come B) is coming C) comes D) coming
8. We _____ to a party next Saturday.
A) go B) goes * C) are going D) went
9. She _____ for dinner this evening.
A) come B) came C) comes D) is coming
10. _____ to go out tonight?
A) Do you want B) Are you wanting
C) Is you want D) Would you want
11. I _____ four languages.
A) am speaking B) speak
C) speaks D) am speak
12. Every morning Tessa _____ at 7.30.
A) is getting up B) got up
C) get up D) gets up
13. Oh, someone _____ in my seat!
A) is sitting B) sits C) will sit D) sit
14. I’m sorry. I can’t help you at the moment. I _____ dinner.
A) will cook B) am cooking C) cook D) cooked
15. I _____ a pain in my leg.
A) has B) having C) have D) am having
16. Mrs. Steele _____ to her boss. I’ll tell her you phoned.
A) talked B) talks C) talk D) is talking
17. Turn the T.V off. No one _____ it!
A) watches B) watch C) is watching D) watched
18. She is not ready. She _____ her hair.
A) is washing B) washes C) washed D) wash
19. Derek’s good at golf but he _____ very often.
A) aren’t play B) isn’t playing C) doesn’t play D) didn’t play
20. The sun _____ in the day time.
A) shine B) shone C) is shining D) shines
21. In Britain people _____ on the right.
A) are driving B) drives C) drive D) drove
22. This is a great party! Everyone _____.
A) dance B) is dancing C) dances D) are dancing
23. Jack’s a policeman but he _____ a uniform.
A) doesn’t wear B) isn’t wearing
C) no wear D) wears
24. What _____ in your free time?
A) are you doing B) do you do
C) you do D) are you do
25. How many children _____?
A) are you having B) do you have
C) do you have got D) are you have
26. I _____ a shower every morning.
A) have got B) am having C) have D) has
27. _____ three languages: French, Spanish, and English.
A) I’m speak B) I’m speaking
C) I speaking D) I speak
28. Where _____ from?
A) Hans come B) does Hans come
C) does Hans coming D) Hans came
29. What _____ tonight?
A) do you do B) you do
C) are you doing D) did you do
30. “Where is George”
“He _____ a shower.”
A) has B) will have C) is having D) have
31. “What _____ ?”
“I don’t know. Look it up.”
A) does this word mean B) means this word
C) does mean this word D) is meaning this word
32. “Do you want a cigarette?”
“No, thanks. I _____ .”
A) no smoke B) smoke not
C) am not smoking D) don’t smoke
33. Last year I _____ to America.
A) was go B) go C) was going D) went
34. How long _____ in America?
A) you stay B) did you stay
C) stayed you D) you staying
35. The weekend was boring. I _____ anything.
A) don’t do B) no do
C) didn’t do D) wasn’t doing
36. “I’m going to university next year”
“What _____ study?”
A) you going to B) do you
C) did you D) are you going to
88. I have _____ close fiends. Two or three.
A) a lot of B) a little C) a few D) much
89. I don’t know _____ students in this class. Because I am a newcomer.
A) many B) a few C) some D) much
90. How _____ people live in your house?
A) any B) much C) many D) a lot of
91. He has _____ money. He’s a millionaire.
A) many B) a lot of C) a little D) a lot
92. A: Do you take sugar in coffee?”
B: Just _____. Half a spoonful.”
A) a few B) many C) a little D) a lot of
93. A: Have you got _____ CD’s?
B: Yes, hundreds.
A) much B) a little C) a few D) lots of
94. I’ll be ready in _____ minutes.
A) a lot B) a little C) much D) a few
95. She speaks good Spanish, but only _____ Russian.
A) a few B) a lot of C) much D) a little
96. I come to ______ school by _____ bus.
A) / the B) the / a *C) * / * D) the / the
97. This morning _____ bus was late.
A) a B) C) an D) the
102. “_____ a drink?”
“Yes, please. I’ll have an orange juice.”
A) Do you like B) Are you liking
C) Would you like D) Did you like
103. “What _____ at the weekend?”
“I like putting my feet up and relaxing. Sometimes I play tennis.”
A) will you like to do B) do you like doing
C) would you like to do D) are you like to do
104. “_____ your teacher?”
“Yes, she’s very nice.”
A) Did you like B) Would you like
C) Will you like D) Do you like
105. “What _____ to do in the evening?”
“Why don’t we pop round and see Pat and Peter?”
A) do you like B) are you
*C) would you like D) did you like
106. “_____ for walks?”
“What a good idea! It’s so hot today!”
A) Are you going to go B) Did you like going
C) Do you like going D) Would you like to go
107. “My bag is so heavy.”
“Give it to me. _____ it for you.”
A) I’m going to carry B) I carry
C) I’ll carry D) I carried
108. I bought some warm boots today because _____ skiing.
A) I went B) I’m going C) I’ll go D) I go
109. “Tony’s back from holiday.”
“_____ him a ring.”
A) I’ll give B) I gave
C) I’m going give D) I give
110. “What are you doing tonight?”
“We _____ a play at the theatre.”
A) saw B) will see
C) are going to see D) seeing
111. You can tell me your secret. I _____ anyone.
A) am not going tell B) won’t tell
C) don’t tell D) didn’t tell
112. “I need to post these letters.”
“I _____ shopping soon. I _____ them for you.”
A) will go / will post B) am going / will post
C) am going / am going post D) go / am going to post
113. “Now, holidays. Where _____ this year?”
“We don’t know yet.”
A) did you go B) you going
C) will you go D) do you going
114. We’ve decided _____ married in the spring.
A) get B) to get C) getting D) got
115. I hope _____ some money soon.
A) earning B) earn C) to earn D) to earning
116. I want _____ a film on TV this evening.
A) seeing B) see C) see to D) to see
117. Some people like _____ breakfast in bed, but I don’t.
A) having B) too have C) have D) had
118. I’m looking forward _____ you again soon.
A) to see B) seeing C) to seeing D) see
119. I _____ my job soon.
A) think changing B) am thinking of changing
C) am thinking to change D) think change
120. This book is full _____ pictures.
A) with B) in C) to D) of
121. Julie is married _____ Sam.
A) in B) with C) to D) at
122. I don’t agree _____ him.
A) for B) at C) with D) to
123. He isn’t good _____ French.
A) at B) in C) to D) of
124. My brother is interested _____ math.
A) to B) in C) of D) at
125. Look _____ those birds!
A) at B) to C) for D) in
126. Are you afraid _____ flying?
A) with B) at C) in D) of
127. He’s _____ older than he looks.
A) much B) more C) * D) the
128. Jessica’s as tall _____ her mother.
A) than B) like C) more D) as
129. “What _____ New York like?”
“It’s really exciting!”
A) does B) is C) was D) didi