Загрузил Zharkynai Kerimkulova

Runic writing

Runic writing
Nurkan kyzy Sezim
Kerimkulova Zharkynai
What is runic writing?
Runic writing is an alphabet that
some people used for their writing.
The history of the origin of runes
suggests that they appeared in the
distant past and have been used for a
long time.
Its Origin
The Germanic word "runes" is
also called the externally
similar ancient Turkic, or
Orkhon-Yenisei, script that
existed in Central Asia in the
VIII-X centuries AD.
Futhark — the order of the
characters in the alphabet.
He did not find an analogue in
any other writing. So, this is a
feature of this alphabet and
writing in general.
There are 6,578
authentic runestones
known in the world, of
which more than half
are in Sweden (3,628).
Almost half of them are
located in one region of
the country – Uppland.
It was believed that the soul of
the deceased could inhabit the
stone on which his name was
inscribed, receive sacrifices,
communicate with the living
and respond to their requests.