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coursera essay 1

My name is Dinara. In this text I try to explain my opinion on statement
that anyone who speaks the language can teach the language.
I disagree with this statement, because knowing language cannot give
you a reason to teach as a professional. I exclude the examples when
parents can teach their children, but we cannot call this professional
teaching. It is only for gather basic knowledge about world. But if you
want to give qualitative education for your students, who are not native
speakers, you cannot do it without techniques that we learned from
lectures of Module 1: Making Meaning Clear.
Dr. Shane Dixon shared the diagram of Technique and Content (Lesson
1, Video 2), which shows that teacher’s aim is to find the happy balance
between both content and technique. Let’s consider content as a
language that you teach. And if you don’t master some techniques, you
cannot provide information to students. You would fall into the high
content, low technique area of the spectrum. And, of course, your
classes would be boring or very complicated. It will be similar to my
lessons at school, when teachers dictated lectures about their subject or
spoke in complex and incomprehensible concepts for me. I can safely
say that such teachers completely discouraged my desire to learn.
Teaching language is not very easy process. You have a lot of obstacles
such as student’s misunderstanding, cultural differences, limited time for
classes and etc. However you have some tips to solve this problems and
this tips called teaching techniques.