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Анализ Doctor in the house Аракин 4 курс

Analysis of Doctor in the House written by R.
“Doctor in the House” is a story written by Richard
Gordon; it is the pen name used by Gordon Ostlere –
he was an English surgeon. The text is devoted to the
final examinations at the medical institution. The
author describes the atmosphere and feelings of the
students during the whole period of the exams. The
author gives the description of the preparation for
them, the way they run, the way they are marked and
the type of students who are waiting for the oral exam.
This extract belongs to the belles-lettres style, the
main aim of which is to give the reader aesthetic
pleasure. It is told in the first person, from the
viewpoint of the medical student. The general mood
of the narration is humorous and sometimes ironical.
The vocabulary is mostly neutral but sometimes
bookish (“thenceforward”, “flagrant”, “nonchalant”,
“well-established с тех пор »,« вопиющий »,«
беспечный »,« хорошо известный »). The author
uses such stylistic devices as simile in the fragments:
“The final examinations are something like death”,
“he goes at them like a prize-fighter”, “feeling as if I
had just finished an eight-round fight”, “struggling
like a cow in a bog”, “windows that wouldn't open,
like the condemned cell”. Such stylistic device as irony is
also present in this extract, for example: “to give the
examiners the impression of frustrated несостоявшейся
brilliance”, “Examinations touch off his fighting spirit; they are
a straight contest between himself and the examiners”, “This
system has been working admirably for years”.
The whole
text is based on the hyperbole as everything is
exaggerated (“the viva is judgment day”жизнь – это
судный день, “If the candidate loses his nerve in front
of this terrible displeasure he is finished”)
The use of inversion in the sentence “To a medical
student the final examinations are something like
death” highlights the difficulty of the examination for
the students. The semantic words of the passage –
“examination”, “students” “preparation”, “answer”
“written papers”, “textbooks” together with the key
words “medical student” and “final exam” claim the
topic of the extract and also conveys передаёт the
author massage that the exam is not the end of the
world if the student gets ready for it beforehand.