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1. Preserve- сохранение
2. Expanded-расширение
3. Evidenced- доказано
4. Blurring- размытие
5. Boundaries - границы
6. Considerable - значительный
7. Recession - спад
8. Fueled- заправляется
9. Convergence- конвергенция
10. Consciousness - сознание
11. Evidence- доказательство
12. Anchors- якоря
13. Core - ядро
14. Referred- ссылается
15. Encompasses- охватывает
16. Satisfaction - удовлетворение
17. Legitimacy – легитимность
18. Witnessed - свидетели
19. Reinforced - усиленный
20. Dimension- размер
21. Internally- внутреннее
22. Fierce- яростный
23. Alignment- выравнивание
24. Vacuous - вакуумный
25. Credibility - достоверность
26. Expansion – расширение
27. Impartiality – беспристрастность
28. Narrative – повествование
29. Perceived - воспринимается
30. Unsung - невоспетый
31. Subterfuge - уловка
32. Pulling - тяга
33. Urgency- срочность
34. Faltering - сбои
35. Existence – существование
36. Elevate- поднять
37. Admonished - предупрежден
38. Thread - нить
39. Equally – в равной степени
40. Herein – здесь
Public relations are generally associated with communication activities designed
to craft and preserve and organization’s image and relationship with its public.
Recently, the role of organizational public relations has expanded. Nowadays
people think that Public Relations, marketing and advertising are the same words
and haven’t got the any differences. But it’s the wrong opinion. All these words are
function in the unite, all together. They are complement each other.
Brand it’s not only the visional component. It contains the vision and mission.
Two of these words are build the brand. It can’t live without its philosophy. So,
branding has been referred to as a messaging instrument which helps the business
reach its goals and encompasses the promotion of everything associated with the
business. But the main brand function is the brand identity. It’s so important in PR
sphere. Values, positioning and behavior also needs for giving the information
about branding. Brand identity must be built from within, across geographies,
levels and functions. Good PR-specialist should have the three main
characteristics: leadership, long-term view and talent.
• Leadership – recognition that the brand is personified by the CEO and whole
senior manager team.
• Long-term view – a focus on what is right in the longer term rather than what
is expedient in the short term.
• Talent – recognition that talent must be valued and nurtured.
As I said, all previous words like PR, marketing and advertisement are not
synonyms. So, marketing- the process of planning and executing the conception,
pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create
exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. The marketing
communication in the current business environment is now a two-way process.
Social media greatly encourages and facilitates this manner of communication.