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Surrounding countryside
Familiar landscape
Gentle landscape
Open fields
Bleak landscape
Rocky mountains
Follow a path
Turn a corner
Catch a glimpse of
Take a picture
Catch sight of
Round a bend
Come into view
Fall into ruin
Lie in ruins
Well worth seeing
Dramatic setting
Steep slope
Fast-flowing river
Mountains towering
Unspoilt countryside
Dense forest
Block the view
Snow-covered mountains
Stream winds
Destroy the countryside
Protect the environment
Uninterrupted view
Panoramic view
Spectacular view
Enjoy/admire a view
Breathtaking scenery
A landscape with nothing extreme or
threatening about it
Fields uninterrupted by woods or
See for a moment
Take a photo
Turn a corner
Become a ruin
Mountains rising dramatically
Countryside that has not been
changed by industry or modern
Thick forest
Makes lots of bends, doesn’t flow in
a straight line
Nothing blocks the view
View over a very wide area
Very dramatic view
Extremely striking and beautiful
Dominate the landscape
Beach stretches
Sandy beach
Secluded beach
Golden sands
Peaceful/tranquil countryside
Something can be seen from a long
way away
Beach without many people