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Open textbook “Nursing1”
page 25
1. I think their article is about taxi, because I see taxi driver
2. I do not ever help with a birth.
Yes, I am born in hospital.
Yes, in my family there was such a case. My aunt started
fighting on the train Well, it’s good that they managed to get to
the hospital.
3. Nursing gave instructions to Clive.
The child who was born in a taxi.
The child feels well.
Ex.4 British taxi driver, Clive Lawrence, became midwife for an
hour when a passenger gave birth to a baby in the back of his taxi.
Its head appeared, and Mr. Lawrence stopped the taxi to help with
the birth.
I spoke to a nurse on the taxi radio and she gave me instructions – I
only did what she told me.
A midwife at the hospital said, “Giving birth on the way to hospital
doesn´t happen often, but if you´re there when it does, just support
the babys head and guide it out – don´t pull. After the birth on baby.
Dry the baby with a clean towel or cloth, gently rub its back, then
cover mum and baby with a dry blanket to keep them both warm,
and wait for medical help to arrive”
Then clean the baby´s nose and mouth, but don´t cut the umbilical
cord – just lay the baby on them mother chest, cord and all.
Page 26
1)When he was a boy.
2)Two and a half years.
3)Making quick decisions, communicating clearly and keeping a
clear head in difficult situations.
4) People under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
3. Yes, I would like to work as Jeff, for this I am currently studying
at our college.