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Recommended educational literature

Recommended educational literature
Some books by speciality
«Comprehensive Ophthalmology» A.K.Khurana
«Review of Ophthalmology» A.K.Khurana
«Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology» K.Dadapeer
«Ophthalmology» Yanoff M., Duker J.S. (ed.).
«Basic Sciences in ophthalmology» J. Flammer, M. Mozaffarieh, H. Bebie
«Ocular Blood Flow» L.Schmetterer, J.W.Kiel
«Pediatric Clinical ophthalmology» S.E.Qlitsky, L.B. Nebson
«Ophthalmology. Principles and concepts» F.W.Newell
«Principles of Ophthalmology» A.Tarkkanen
«Clinical Ophthalmology» J.J. Kanski
Periodic Journals
American Journal of Ophthalmology
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
Optometry and Vision Science