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Abraham Lincoln
Курсант 104
учебного взвода
Рядовой полиции
Скопцов Н.А.
• Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky, on February
12, 1809. His father was Thomas Lincoln, a respectable farmer, and
his mother was Nancy Hanks, who moved to the state from West
Virginia. Alas, the young Abraham was not destined to grow up in a
wealthy family: in 1816, his father lost most of his property in the
course of legal disputes, which was caused by a fateful legal error in
the documents for the farmer's property.The bankrupt family
moved to Indiana, hoping to try their luck in the development of
free new land. Nancy Hanks soon died, and her older sister, Sarah,
took over a number of her responsibilities in caring for Lincoln Jr. In
1819, Thomas Lincoln, recovering from his loss, married Sarah Bush
Johnston, a widow who at that time had three children from his
first marriage. With Sarah-Bush, the future President developed a
very warm relationship, and gradually she became a second mother
for him.
• Young Abraham had to take on any part-time job
to help his family make ends meet. The exception
was fishing and hunting: for such work young
Lincoln never took, because they did not
correspond to his moral principles.Abraham was
the first in his family to learn to count and write,
and he also became extremely fond of reading. It
is interesting at the same time that for all his
young years, the young man attended school, in
total, no more than a year. He was forced to work
to help his family, but a relentless thirst for
knowledge helped him become a literate person.
• When Abraham Lincoln turned 21, his large family decided to move.
At the same time, a stately, intelligent young man, whose height
was 193 cm, and the level of reading was not inferior to the
knowledge of any peer who had completed full-fledged training at
school, decided to start an independent life. Until then, he had
worked hard for the benefit of the family and gave his parents all
the income, but such activities did not suit him in the context of his
life as a whole.It is worth noting that the success story of Abraham
Lincoln is a story not only of inspiring victories, but also of ringing
slaps from fate, which the politician has always been able to
withstand with genuine dignity. So, in 1832, he tried to be elected
to the Illinois Legislature, but failed. Then Lincoln began to study
the Sciences even more seriously than before (he was especially
interested in law).
Early political career
• In 1835, Abraham Lincoln again tried to be elected to the Illinois
state Legislature, and this time he was successful. In 1836, the
politician successfully passed the exams for the official title of
lawyer, having studied all areas of law independently. Subsequently,
he worked for a long time in the legal field, including taking on
complex cases and refusing to receive payment from poor citizens
who needed his help. In his speeches, Abraham always emphasized
democratic values.In 1846, Honest Abe entered the house of
representatives. As in the election to the Illinois Legislature, he was
elected from the Whig party. Lincoln condemned the aggressive
actions of the United States in the Mexican-American war,
supported the desire of women to get the right to vote, spoke out
for the gradual liberation of the country from the slave system.
President of the United States
• In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was nominated as a candidate for
President of the United States from the Republican party. He was
known for his hard work, high moral principles, and had a
reputation as a "man of the people". Interesting facts about politics
were read with interest from the pages of Newspapers, and his
photos were invariably associated with honesty and valor. As a
result, the politician won the election, gaining more than 80% of
the vote.However, the newly elected President also had many
opponents. His policy, which excluded the possibility of the spread
of slavery, caused several States to declare secession from the
United States. The President's statements that the abolition of
slavery in those States where it is already functioning is not planned
in the near future, could not resolve the irreconcilable
contradictions between the supporters of the slave system and its
Second term and murder
• During the war years Abraham Lincoln has made a lot of enemies.
However, the President benefited from the abolition of the transfer
of arrested citizens to the court, thanks to which all deserters, as
well as the most zealous fans of the slave system, could be
immediately imprisoned.The people also liked the HOMESTEAD act,
according to which a settler who began to cultivate land on a
certain plot and build buildings on it, became its full
owner.Abraham LincolnAll this allowed Lincoln to be re-elected for
a second term, but he, alas, did not have to govern his native
country for long. On April 14, 1865, five days after the official end of
the Civil war, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in Ford's theater by
actor John Wilkes booth, who was on the southern side. It is
noteworthy that many coincidences were subsequently discovered
between the circumstances of Lincoln's death and how he was
killed about a century later.
• Today, Lincoln is considered one of the most
worthy presidents of the United States, who
prevented the collapse of the nation and
made a lot of efforts to liberate African
Americans. A statue of the President has been
erected in Washington as a sign of gratitude to
the entire American people. Quotes of the
16th President of the United States have
become part of the popular wisdom of
Personal life
• Honest Abe most likely suffered from a disease like
Marfan syndrome. In addition, depression was a
frequent companion of Abraham: it is said that in his
youth, the young man even tried to commit suicide
several times.In 1840, the future President met Mary
Todd, and in 1842 the couple married. The wife always
supported her husband in all his endeavors, and soon
after his death she lost her mind.Four sons were born
in the family, but, alas, many of the children of the
Lincoln couple died in infancy or at a young age. The
only child of Mary and Abraham who survived
adolescence and died in old age is the eldest son,
Robert Todd Lincoln