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Zygmont Anna(23.02.2021)
Annotated Bibliography
1) “Two women who used cocaine too much: class, race, gender, crack, and
coke” by Sheigla B. Murphy and Marsha Rosenbaum
This case study was conducted by women in the 90s. It is dedicated to
two women, Monica and Becky, and the history of their drug addiction. In
particular, identifying common features and characteristics. Through
interviews, researchers found out their biographies, assumptions and
opinions about what influenced their addiction. The text itself is divided
into three parts. The first part describes the present moment in which the
heroines are, the second of their lives before drugs, and the second
after. The main value of this work is that it is one of the first studies that
came so close to the addicts themselves.Indeed, in the past, drug
research has included itself mostly only general statistics. And having
approached these people, Murphy and Rosenbaum gave us the
opportunity to look at their life and personal stories. In my opinion, this
work is still relevant today. Because it is understandable to both
sociologists and ordinary people who want to find out some scientific
data about this topic.
2) “New York City Clubs Kids: A Contextual Understanding of Drug Use” By
Dina Perrone
This study focuses on drug use in clubs. In 2004, Dina Perron became
interested in the growing popularity of drug use among young people. And
focused her attention on parties that were famous for such. With the help of an
informant, she selected a group of young people who bought and used drugs
in various clubs in New York. Within this group, she launched the same
informator. This work is interesting primarily for its methods. At first, the
collection of information was carried out by an informant who followed the
individuals in secret. As soon as the network of these informants grew, even
later the observed ones were informed about the surveillance, and in the end
some even agreed to be interviewed. And all this work turned out to be very
fruitful. Perrone was able to get an average portrait of a member of these
groups. But also personally talk with many, find out their origins, their
professions and even how they started using drugs. Plus, while having
observation of their interaction within the group. In my opinion, the work is
interesting because it combines a variety of methods of sociological research.