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11Evolutionary processes on planet Earth

Evolutionary processes on planet Earth
The development of the Mind outside the body of Man is inevitable.
The evolutionary processes taking place on our planet are widely covered by
the media. We will conduct a brief analysis of them, draw conclusions.
The main software tool for evolutionary processes is Nature. Everything that
we see around us: rivers, mountains, forests, animals, not nature, everything
created by Nature. She created a periodic system of elements, DNA, living and
non-living "nature." Living "nature", it's just biological robots with varying
degrees of development of the Mind.
Mind is not only unlimited intelligence, but also the ability to think, make
decisions, and realize that you are a person.
The last stage of evolution is the creation of Mind by Nature. The most
successful carrier of the Mind is currently the biological robot Man. Its creation
by Nature was very complex and lengthy.
And so the Mind was created. Its bearer is the human body.
The next evolutionary process is the most significant for humanity.
Nature transfers control of the process to Reason. At present, the Human
Mind is successfully creating the Mind outside the Human body, in other carriers
capable of self-improvement. It will be an object that has nothing to do with
The Mind of Man is infinitely preoccupied with the body of the Man-its carrier.
With the death of the body, he will die too. This concern is expressed in the
composition of the air, temperature, clothing, food, medicine, transport ... ..
All this is alien to the mind created outside the human body, as well as love,
life expectancy, and so on. He will have a major advantage. He will be able to
accelerate himself to improve and become, unpredictably, wiser than people.
It is impossible to predict how the Mind created by Man will behave in
relation to people, but one must prepare for this.