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Automated Diagnostics of Neuroborreliosis
Anti-Borrelia IgG Liquor – ORG 911GL
Anti-Borrelia IgM Liquor – ORG 911ML
24 Alegria Test Strips
The Alegria® Anti-Borrelia tests allow for quantitative automated detection of IgG or
IgM class antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi in human serum samples and in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).
According to current European guidelines, the diagnosis of neuroborreliosis is based
on calculation of the specific anti-Borrelia antibody index and other clinical and laboratory findings. Currently, Alegria® is the only random access analyzer for rapid automated determination of the ratio of the specific antibody concentrations in CSF and a
corresponding serum sample, which is necessary for calculation of the antibody index.
The Anti-Borrelia kits from ORGENTEC Diagnostika use different sets of recombinant
proteins displaying highly specific immunodominant epitopes of the major human
pathogenic Borrelia species.
Anti-Borrelia IgG Liquor: recombinant VlsE , DbpA , OspC and p83/p100
Anti-Borrelia IgM Liquor: recombinant VlsE , OspC and p41i
VlsE = VMP-like sequence expression site
(VMP = variable major protein)
DbpA = Decorin-binding-protein A
OspC = Outer-surface-protein C
p83/p100 = chromosomally encoded high molecular
weight protein (HMW)
p41i = 14 kD internal flagellin fragment
These tailor-made antigen profiles cover the relevant epitopes for specific antibody
recognition, improving sensitivity and specificity of the ORGENTEC Anti-Borrelia ELISAs
compared to tests based on purified antigens from cultivated bacteria.
CSF analysis with Alegria®− the benefit
• First random access analyzer for automated CSF diagnostics
• Cost-efficient and simple ELISA method for determination of the antibody index
• Simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters for autoimmune and infectious
disease serology in a single test run
• Rapid automated analysis of up to 30 different tests in only 90 minutes
• Each Alegria®Test Strip contains the complete set of reagents
• Validation of each sample through individual internal control
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